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What is the delicate serous membrane that has the appearance of a spiderweb? arachnoid membrane
what fluid bathes and nourishes the brain? cerebrospinal fluid
what nerves are separated into 8 cervical, 12 thorasic, 5 lumbar, 5 sacral, and 1 coccygeal? the spinal nerves
Cervical lamina is much less prominent than the lumbar or thorasic spine; does the scrub need smaller or larger diameter instruments than for a lumbar laminectomy? smaller
which spinal region has 7 lamina? cervical
traumatic head injury can cause 1 or more ruputured blood vessels under the dura. this is called a ___? subdural hematoma
antibiotic solution is never used to irrigate the bone because the brain tissue will be damaged by the caustic nature of the antibiotic. false
In the event of intracranial hemorrhage, what is drilled into the skull to relieve the pressure of blood against the brain? bur holes
the pons lies between the medulla and the midbrain, in front of the ___? cerebellum
what membrane dips down into the the various crevices and convolusions of the brain? pia mater
an acoustic neuroma is a benign tumor of what? eighth cranial nerve
what is the ligament that connects one spinous process to another? ligamentum flavum
A tough fibrous tissue sheet is the ____? galea
this portion of the brain is situated between the hindbrain and the forebrain. midbrain
each spinal nerve frms 2 branches called ___? rami
the anastomosis of a severed nerve to restore function is called ____? neurorrhaphy
the creation of an opening in the vertebral lamina to expose the spinal cord and disc is called ___? laminotomy
during a lumbar laminectomy, the surgeon packs the sponge along the vertebra with a ____? cobb elevator
how does bone wax control bleeding? occlusion
a 15 blade, a pituitary rongeur, a ring curette would be used in what procedure? a diskectomy
an elastic custion that separates each vertebral body from the other is a ___? intervertebral disk
an abnormal communication between the arteries and veins is an ___? AV malformation
A congenital weakening in the arterial wall causes an ______? anurysm
in preparation for entry into the brain, the scrub should have a bipolar cautery and a ___? frazier suction tip
The most common site for taking a bone graft is the ___? iliac crest
a bone graft is placed during an ACD in order to accomplish ___? fusion
the procedure to remove all or part of the pituitary gland is a ___? hypophysectomy
open carpal tunnel release surgery may also be called ___? median neurotomy
crystal clear, sterile, and high in glucose describes what? cerebrospinal fluid
a congenital anomaly resulting in an increased amount of CSF in the ventricles of the brain is called ___? hydrocephalous
the bur hole procedure is done most often to treat what? subdural hematoma
a congenital defect in shich a neural tube fails to close while a fetus is developing is called ___? myelomeningocele
the replacement of an area of skull can be successfully accomplished by MMA, metal plate, autograft, but NOT with what? cadaver bone
the diversion of CSF away from the brain to another location is what? shunting
intracranial anurysm is the bulging of an artery whose origin is the ___? internal carotid
a congenital deformitu of the skull that results from premature closure of one or more sutures might be fixed with a procedure called ___? craniotomy
an opening in the skull made to expose the brain and intracranial structures is a ___? craniotomy
how are Avitene, bone wax, and surgicel applied? topically
For a lumbar lami, what position would the patient be in during induction of general anesthesia? supine
there are 12 pairs of cranial nerves; and there are 31 pairs of ___? spinal nerves
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