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Delinquency Juve


Purpose and Scope of Juv. Court Examples of the 3 types: mandatory/automatic –at least 15 and accused of felony, gang member, previously adjudicated delinquent presumptive/judicial transfer – at least 15 and accused of felony (judge given option)
Alternatives Police/Juvie contact saksmkams
Juvenile Court Act Illinois Juvenile Court Act of 1899   The objective of the juvenile justice system is to treat and rehabilitate rather than punish The Illinois Juvenile Court Act established juvenile delinquency as a legal concept.
Juvenile Justice System aSAsa
Referral jmk,m
Petition m,.m
Adjudicate kjk,jk
Disposition hjhbj
Aftercare khjk
Information Hearing ,nmnm
Primary source of referral into the J.S. njknjkn
Mens Rea Under law two elements are necessary to find a person guilty of a crime. The criminal act and criminal intent, known as mens rea of “guilty mind”
Legislative Waivers khjknj
Detention Hearings nknkmnm
Pretrial hearings nkmnmn
Clear and Convincing evidence nhjnjn
Juvies and basic rights at the adjudication hearing bjbjl
Constitutional amendments which provide protection to juvies nmn.
Bail v. Bond ,jkn
Unruly v. Delinquent children kjnkmn
Status offenses v. criminal offenses ,nmn
Official action of police officers m,nm/
Informal adjustments nmn,;n
Police discretion and juvies njnbmn
Court Appointed Special Advocates ml,m,m
Players in the Juvenile System/Roles knmn
Delinquency cases in the U.S. knm
Racial breakdown of juvie cases mkm,
Parent figure v. law-giver njbnm
Two part court process nm,n
Probation ,m.
Police and unclear expectations nbmb
Guardian ad litem nm,
Beyond a reasonable doubt v. preponderance of the evidence nm,n
Research and the relationship between juveniles and police hjb
Purpose and Scope of Juv. Court 3 types : discretionary/prosecutorial transfer –13yrs Considers seriousness of offense history of delinquency age culpability in act aggressiveness or premeditation of act use of deadly weapon history of services adequacy of juvenile court to handle juve
Purpose and Scope of Juv. Court Legislative waivers: Statutory exclusion: legislatures determine cases that are to be excluded from jurisdiction of juvenile court – age (not everyone is considered a juvenile), certain crimes, and prior records  ex. murder n prior records are waived
Purpose and Scope of Juv. Court Legislative waivers: Reverse waiver: (not in IL) the case meets the criteria for being bumped up to adult court, but after all the facts in the case are examined adult court does not seem appropriate and case is reversed back down  Ex. Probation com
Purpose and Scope of Juv. Court Once an adult/always an adult: (not in IL) if convicted once as an adult then future offenses will go directly to adult court ex.Going straight to adult court
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