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Stack #38016

Mod E Unit 4 Words Thompson Institute hbg

aer/o air
an without
bacteri/o bacteria
-emia blood
gluc/o glucose
glyc/o sugar
gon/o seed
hyper above
hypo below
-ic pertaining to
incubat/o incubation
ingest/o carry
metabol/o change
-meter measure
mono one
myc/o fungus
nucle/o nucleus
-ology study of
-osis abnormal condition
-rrhea flow, discharge
ser/o serum
sput/o spit
tri three
vir/o virus
glucometer machine that tests blood sugar
gonorrhea STD
hypoglycemia low sugar levels in the blood
inoculate transfer of specimen to growth media
mononucleosis abnormal condition that causes & increases in monocytes
mycobacteria organism that causes TB
serology the study of serum
sputnum spit
triglycerides one of the fat levels in the blood
agar substance needed to grow cultures
BUN blood urea nitrogen
CPK creatine phosphokinase
EDTA ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid
heparin anticoagulant substance
quantitative test results of the exact number
qualitative positive or negative test result
serum the yellow liquid portion of clotted blood
SGOT serum glutamic oxaloacetic transminase
viable capable of living
inocul/o implant
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