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Skeletal System

made of organs called _____ bones
number of adult bones 206
number of Infant bones 350
number of bones total 206
Axial skeleton (main_____)consists of:(4) Main trunkconsists of:SkullVertebrebral columnribs and sternumhyoid bone
Appendicular skeleton (extremities/______)Cosists of: (2) (pelvic and shoulder girdles)consists of:1. upper extremities2. lower extremities
number of Auditory ossicles 6
Functions of Skeletal system(5) 1.framework-for muscles,fat,and structures3.production-blood cells=henatopoiesis or homopoiesis; RBCs, WBCs,, phosphorus and fat5.levers-muscle attatchs to hones to assist in movement
bones of extremities=_____ long bones
diaphysis long shaft
epiphysis ends of bone
red marrow (found in) (produces) found in epiphysisproduces RBCs, plt, and some WBCsuse for dx procedures
Medullarty canal/cavity (inside the _____) (filled with ____) inside the diaphysisfilled with yellow marrow
endosteumlines ______ canalkeeps ______ marrow intactProduces some _____ line the medullary canalkeeps the yellow marrow intactproduces some bone growth
Red Marrowfound in certian bones (5)function: found in vertebrae, ribs, sturnum, cranium, proximal ends of humerous and femurfunction: produces RBCs, Thrombocytes, WBCsimportant in manufacture of blood cells and immune system
Periosteumoutside of ____; tough____necessary for______ and ______contains: ______ outside or bone; tough membranenecessary for bone growth and repair, nutritioncontains blood vessels
osteoblasts-cells that _____osteoclasts_cells that _____ osteoblasts-cells that form new bone tissueosteoclasts-cells that break down bown
articular cartilage-______"_____ absorber" Articular cartilage-thin layer that covers the epiphysis"Shock absorber"
Skull composed of (2) bones cranial bonesfacial bones
Cranium-Sheprical ________number of bones: Cranium-sheprical structure that surrounds and protects the brain;8 bones;1 frontal;2 parietal;2 temporal;1 occipital (back of the head)1 ethmoid (separates nasal cavity from the brain)1 sphenoid
number of facial bones 14 total; 1 mandible (lower jaw), 2 maxilla (upper jaw), 2 zygomatic (cheek), 2 lacrimal (inner aspect of eyes), 5 nasal (upper part of nose), 2 palatine (roof of mouth)
sutures areas where the cranial bones have joined together
sinuses air spaces in the bones of the skull act as resonating chambers for the voice
foramina openings in bones that allow nerves and blood vessels to enter or leave the bone
fontnels "soft spots"
spinal column #__ bones 26
functios of vertebrae (2) protect spinal cord, provide support for head and trunk
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