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Skeletal System

how many bones does an adult have? 206
how many bones does an infant have? 350
what does the axial skeleton contain? skull,spinal column,ribs,breastbone
what does the appendicular skeleton contain? plvic area, shoulders, upper and lower extremeties
long bones extremities
long shaft diaphysis
ends of bone epiphysis
where is the red marrow found? in humerous and femur ends
where is the medullary canal? inside the diaphysis
what is the medullary canal filled with? yellow marrow
what is the endosteum? it lines the medullary canal
where is red marrow found? vertebrae and ribs
what is the function of red marrow? produces red blood cells, platelets, and some white blood cells
where is the periosteum? outside of bone
what is the periosteum necessary for? bone growth, repair, and nutrition
what does the periosteum contain? blood vessels, osteoblasts, osteoclasts, articular cartilage
what are osteoblasts? cells that form new bone tissue
what are osteoclasts? break down bones
what are the bones of the skull? cranial, and facial
how many bones are in the skull? 8
what are the eight skull bones? frontal, 2 pariental, 2 temporal, occipital, ethmoid, sphenoid
how many facial bones are there? 14
what are the facial bones? mandible, maxilla, zygomatic
what is a suture? areas where cranial bones have joined together.
what are the sinuses? air spaces in bones of skull, resonating chambers for voice.
what is the foramina? openings in bones that allow nerves and blood vessels to enter or leave the bone
what are the fontanels? soft spots
what age do bones become solid? eighteen months old
how many vertebrae are there? 26
what are the specific vertebrae and their locations? 7 cervical (neck)12 thoracic (chest)5 lumbar (waist)1 sacrum ( back of pelvic girdle)1 coccyx (tailbone)
what are the intervertebral disks? seperate vertebrae, shock absorbers, oermit bending and twisting
what are the ribs also known as? costae
where do the ribs attach? thoracic vertebrae on dorsal aspect of body
what are the true ribs? first 7 pairs; attach directly to sternum
what are the false ribs? the last 5 pairs
what are the last two ribs? floating ribs
what does the sternum or breastbone contain? manubrium, gladiolus, and xiphoid
what is the shoulder or pectoral girdle made up of? 2 clavicles, 2 scapulas, humerus
what are the bones of the arm? humerus, radius, ulna, olecranon process
what are the bones of the hand? carpal (8)- wristmetacarpal (5) - palm of handphalanges (14) - fingers
what are the bones of the pelvic girdle? 2 os coxae (hip bones)
3 fused bones of the pelvic girdle? ilium, ishium, pubis
what is the acetabula? 2 recessed socket (hip)
what is the obturator foramen? opening for nerves and blood vessels
the bones of the leg? femurpatellatibiafibula
what are the bones of the feet? tarsalscalcaneousmetatarsalsphalanges
diarthrosis freely movable joint ball socket joints
amphiarthrosis slightly movable, attatchment of ribs to thoracic vertebrae
synarthrosis immovable suture joints of cranium.
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