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Fimbriae Structures that arise near the plasma membrane and project through the cell wall
Protein found in association with the hyluronic capsule M-Protein
Streptolysin O (SLO) Oxygen liable enzyme, binds to sterols in the red blood cell membrane
Oxygen-stable enzyme is responsible for beta hemolysis on a blood agar plate Streptoysin S
Spreading factor,braks down hyaluronic acid found in host tissue Hyaluronidase
Streptokinase an enzyme that dissolves clots by turning plasminogen to plasma
elaborated by scarlet fever and shows a rash Erythrogenic Toxin
S.Pyogenes Causes infections in upper respiratory system and strep throat
ASO and Anti-DNase B Are used for titers for S pyogenes
Superantigens Are capable of binding to alpha/beta T-cell receptors
S. Agalactiae Serious disease in adults and neonates
Syphilis is caused by Spirochete
What is transmitted by sexual contact in humans Treponema Pallidum
What happens to progressions of untreated syphillis divided into stages
Classic serologic test for syphillis measure the antibody--2 types Treponemal-nontreponemal
Lyme disease caused by a spirochete bacterium or a hard body tick called Borrelia burgdorferi
Unique exspanding skin lesion,tick bite to human skin (EM) Erythema migrans
What does Lyme borreliosis affects, what type of body parts Skin,nervous system,heart and joints
Most common labboratory assays for B.Burgdorferi for antibody detection are IFA,ELISA,PreVue
OspA and OspB are proteins from bacterial outer wall from what B Burgdorferi
Ehrlichiosis general term for both anaplasmosis and HME
Possibly a fatal tick borne disease Babesia
A mosquito-borne virus present in the US West nile Virus
West nile Virus is detected by RT-PCR
Birds and mamals, undercooked raw meat Toxoplasma gondi
Definite host of toxoplasma gondi House cat
What test is used for the detection of T.Gondi ELISA
CMV---Cytomegalovirus member of the herpes virus
Most common virus transmitted to the fetus CMV
CID may be fatal, can cause permanent neurologic sequelae
CMV can be transferred in 2 ways Transfussion of fresh blood or organ transplant
CMV is a major cause of congenenital viral infections
A human herpesvirus EBV
This virus causes complications such as cardiac,ocular,respiratory,hematologic,digestive,renal, and neurologic systems. EBV
The guinea pig kidney contains what type of antigen Forssman antigen
What is the cause of monnucleosis EBV virus
The EBV can be a major concern for what type of individuals Immunocompromised patients
What antibodies are present in infectious mononucleosis Heterophil and EBV antibodies
Inflammation of the liver is Hepatitis
Four phases of acute hepatitis Incubation,preicteric,icteric and convalescence
If a patient is HBsAg and Anti-HBc positive, this means Chronically infected
Pharyngitis,Scarlet fever, and Impetigo are causes from what S.Pyogenes
Hyaluronidase Also called spreading factor
Dissolves clots by converting plasminogen into plasma Streptokinase
Responnsible for characteristics scarlet fever rash Erythrogenic toxin
S.pyogenes is usually Beta hemolytic
Provides specific immunity,inhibits phagocytosis and found w/hyaluronic capsule M-protein
hyalurondase,D-nase and Erythrogenic toxin is produced by what S.pyogenes
Presence of betalipoprotein,bac contamination and shaking of a reagent causes False ASO reults
Long term complications of S.pyogenes are from R.fever and poststrep
Proteolytic enzymes causes Necrotizing fasciitis
Highest reported levels of sensitivity testing for Gr.A strep are Surface/optical immunassay
Diagnosis of strep and ASO cannot be used,whats next Anti -D-NAse-B
Hutchinson teeth is called Congenital syphilis
Syphillis is to Trep. Pallidium
Bejel is to T.Pallidum
Nontreponal antibodies produce by a infected person is caleed Reagin antibodies
FTA-ABS test and MHA-TP test are Treponemal method
Nontreponemal method RPR test
Infectious.Monoucleosis,leprosy and R.arthritis can cause a false pos on what test RPR procedure
Treponema pallidium blood in 4C last how long 3 days
How long is the incubation period for Syphillis 3 weeks
The serologic method of syphillis is called what phase Latent phase
Ixodes pacificus,I.scapularis and I.ricinus creats what Lyme disease
What test is used to distinquish between true pos and false pos PCR-Polymerse chain reaction
Symptoms of lyme meningitis is Severe headache and siff neck.
Retinal detachment,loss of vision and cranial nerve palsies are caused by Lyme disease
Flagellar 41 KD polypeptide is fisrt reponse from what antigen B.Burgdorferi
Ehrlichia species are also known for Rocky mountain spotted fever
Babesiosis is caused by Babesia microti
Where can you find Babesiosis organism in the body Peripheral blood
Parasitic infection is caused by Toxoplasmosis
The host for T-gondii is Domestic cat
What descibes CMV Herpes, DNA virus and cell associated virus
Cell associated viruses is similar to herpesvirus
What common way would you attract the CMV virus Venereal route
VCA means Viral CApsid antigen
EBV can cause what diseases monoucleosis,lymphoma and carcinoma
What is the mode of transmission of EBV Oral secretions
B-type,capsid antigen and early antigen are characteristics of EBV infected lymphocytes
Infectious monoucleosis has no acute stage
Paul bunnell screening test uses sheep erthrocytes
Davidson diff test screening test uses beef erythrocytes
Monoslide agglutination test uses horse erythrocytes
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