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WS (K) 75 Test

Weeks 1-11

re again
mal bad, evil, wrong
able, ible can be done
ir, in, il not
ion, sion, tion act of, state of, result of
ant against
ive causing, making
graph writing
scrib; script to write
de opposite
non not
sub under
bio life
or/ er/ ar one who
ject to thrwo
logy study
co/ con/ com with, together
se apart, aside, without
super over, above
therm heat
inter between and among
mid middle
rupt break
viv/ vit live, life
corp body
soc friend, companion
struct build
in/im in, into
ex out, from
less without
hydr/hydra water
matr mother
patr mother
vers/vert turn, twist
arch ruler
vis/vid see
ance/ancy action, process, qulaity, state, degree
fin/fins end
litera/liter/lit/letter letters
lic/licit permit
aud/aus hear, listen
photo light
pho/phono sound, voice
sys/syl/sym/syn with, together, along with
anni/annu/enni year
path feelings, suffering, disease
nomen/nym name
phil love
soph wisdom
tele far
port carry
hyper over, beyond, high
hypo under, below, less
contra/counter against, opposite
cred believe
neo new, recent
naut/naus/nav relating to the sea, ships, or travelers
plac to please
crac government
mon/mono one
bi two
tri three
quad four
poly many
oper work
post after
trans across, through, over
chron time
astro star
magni/magna great
micro small
gen race, kind of, birth
antrhop man
ami/amic love
ment state of, acto of, result of action
Created by: Mrs. Whirledge