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The Medical Record 4

Words and Definitions

acute sudden onset
chronic ongoing
diagnosis name for the disease of condition
etiology cause of disease
exacerbation made worse
remission disease is inactive
febrile fever
afebrile normal temperature
idiopathic cause unknown (unknown etiology)
localized in one place in/on the body
systemic in the blood
malaise general feeling of unwellness
marked significant
morbidity about disease
morbidity rate number of disease
mortality about death
mortality rate number of deaths
prognosis predicted result
progressive increasingly worse
prophylaxis preventative measure
recurrent happens again
sign what can be observed
symptom subjective evidence of disease perceived by the patient
syndrome compilation of signs and symptoms
noncontributory not involved in bringing on the condition or result
unremarkable insignificant
tab tablet
cap capsule
parenteral by injection
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