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Western Civ 23 24

World Economy Economic development of late nineteenth century and transportation revolution, combining to create legitimate world economy with imports coming into Europe from all over the world.
White collar jobs These service jobs went to women because they required little education, but were more sophisticated and less strength-permitting than industrial jobs
Evolutionary socialism/Revisionism book and idea founded by Eduard Bernstein (1850-1932) arguing socialism comes about through democratic means, by both the proletariats and the upper classes working together to achieve.
Evolutionary socialism/Revisionism 2 . Bernstein claimed that the masses must organize in political parties and win their socialist ways through the right to vote. Revisionists argued that class struggle and revolution are irrelevant to the real goal
Anarchism No Marxist, socialist, revolution, instead choosing to pursue anarchy and a destruction of the corruptive state and society, initially through peaceful ways, but eventually moving to assassinations of major political figures to destroy the state.
Plutocrats- A new social class made from the coalescence of wealthy bankers, industrialists, and merchants with urban aristocrats that was 5 percent of the population holding 35 percent of the wealth.
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