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N A From Chapter 30

N A Vital Signs Chapter 30 Review

Define metabolism - The process of chemical & physical change within our bodies that produces heat
What causes 'goose bumps'? When small papillary muscles at the base of hair follicles constrict due to fever or chill
What is the normal temp of a newborn? 98.2 degrees Fahrenheit
What is the normal temp of a 1 year old? 99.7 Degrees Fahrenheit
What is the normal temp of a person 6 years to adulthood? 98.6 Degrees Fahrenheit
What is the normal temp of a elderly person over the age of 70? 96.8 Degrees Fahrenheit
What qualifies an artery as a pulse site? Any place where an artery is near the surface of the body and the vessel can be pressed against a bone
If a site other then radial is used is it documented? Yes, record rate and notation of the site used
Define respiration - One complete inspiration & expiration
Define internal respiration - Occurs at the cellular level, when oxygen in the bloodstream is transferred into the cells for energy and carbon dioxide is released as a waste product
What are the characteristics of respiration? 1 - Rate; 2 - Rhythm; 3 - Depth
Define rate in relation to respirations - The number of respirations per minute and is described as normal, rapid or slow
Define rhythm in relation to respiration - Refers to the breathing pattern; A regular breathing pattern is normal for adults, the breathing pattern of infants varies;
What is automatic interruptions in relation to respiration? an example is sighing, which is considered normal
What is the terminology that is used for descriptive characteristics for breath sounds? 1 - Rales; 2 - Rhonchi; 3 - Stertorous
What are signs that a person cannot inspire enough oxygen to supply all of the body's cells? Normal skin coloring around the mouth and nail beds turn bluish, dusty color. Medical term = cyanosis
Other signs of a lack of oxygen include - Vertigo, chest pain (angina), & numbness in the fingers and toes
Define secondary hypertension - Increased blood pressure from non-heart related pathologic conditions
What are some examples of things that can cause secondary hypertension? Renal disease, complications of pregnancy, endocrine imbalances, obesity, arteriosclerosis, atherosclerosis & brain injuries
Define sphygmomanometer - An instrument used for measuring BP in the arteries
Define Sphygmo - Means pulse
Define manometer - An instrument used to measure the pressure of a liquid or a gas
What the different styles of sphygmomanometers? Aneroid ; electronic; computerized
Created by: amandmc