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a; an no, not, without
apnea not able to breathe, temporary stoppge of breathing
aphasia absence of or impairment of speech
atrophy decrease in size of cells in organs.
anemia lacking in red blood cells
amenorreah absence of mentrual periods
ab- away from
abnormal pertains to being awy from the norm. Irregular
bradycardia slow heartbeat
brady- slow
dia- compllete, through
diarrea discharge of watery waste from the colon
dys- bad, painful, difficult, abnormal
dyspnea painful breathing
dysphagia difficult swallowing
dysphasia impairment of speech
dysmenorrhea difficult menstural flow
dysuria painful urination
ec- out, outside
ectopic pregnancy development of the zygot outside of the uterus
-plasia formation
-plagia eating or swallowing
-phasia speech
endometrium inner lining of the uterus
proctosigtmoidoscopy visual examination of the rectum and signoid colon
sigmoidoscopy visual examinationm of the sigmoid colon
endo- within, in, inner
endoscopy process of veiwing the insides of hollow organs with endoscope
endocrine glands glands that produce hormones
epi- above, upon
epidural hematoma mass of blood above the dura mater
epidermis outer layer of skin
ex- out
excision to cut out
extra- outside of
extrahepatic pertaining to the outside of the liver
hemi- half
hemigasrectomy removal of half the stomach
hemiplegia parylysis to half of the body
dura mater outermost membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord
hypertrophy enlargement of an organ as a result of increase in cells
hypertension high blood pressure
hyprglycemia excessive sugar in blood
hypoglycemia too little sugar in blood
inter- pertaining to between two backbones
intra- within
intrauterine pertaining to within the uterus
intravenus pertaining to within the veins
mal- bad
malignant cancerous tumors that invade or spread
meta- change, beyond
metastasis spread of cancerous tumor to distant parts of the body
-stasis change of place
metacarpals bones between wrist and fingers
neo- new
neoplasm new growth of tissue; tumor
neoplastic pertaining to a new growth
neonatal pertainig to new birth
para- beside, near, along the side of
parathyroid glands 4 endrocrine glands behind the thyroid gland
MICU medical intensive care
PICU pediactric intensive care
SICU surgical intensive care
surfacant substance to inflate lungs
Created by: Jeannie-Snyder