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Integumentary Ch 5

Words and Definitions

auto self
homo same
hetero different
scabies microscopic mites
impetigo highly contagious bacterial skin infection
third degree burn burn involving all layers of skin, possibly deeper
vesicle raised, fluid filled lesion
lesion any abnormal spot on tissue
karatin hard protein material in the epidermis
wheal irregular shaped, localized raised lesions (hives)
ulcer open sore on skin due to breakdown of tissue (secondary lesion)
secondary lesion further alteration of the skin due to untreated primary infection
primary lesion initial cause of skin alteration
excoriation scratch marks
fissure linear cracks in skin
petechia small reddish brown or purple spots
nevus mole
comodones plug of sebum within the opening of a hair folicle
erythema redness of the skin
pruritus severe itching
urticaria eruption of hives
contact dermatitis inflammation of the skin due to contact with an allergic substance
dermatitis inflammation of the skin with redness, itching and various lesions (eczema)
second degree burn burn involving first and second layer of skin
atopic dermatitis chronic skin inflammation
purulent containing pus
macule flat discolored spot on skin
seborrheic redness of skin covered by a yellow, oily, itchy scale
alopecia hair loss
sudoriferous glands sweat glands in the skin
subcutaneous connective and adipose tissue layer just below the dermis
epidermis top layer of skin tissue
pustule raised pus filled lesion
first degree burn first layer of skin burned
burn injury to tissue caused by heat
papule solid raised bump
mucus noun
mucous adjective
sebaceous glands oil glands in the skin
eruption appearance of a skin lesion
tinea a group of fungal skin diseases
antipruritic to help aliviate itching
antihistamine medication to fight allergic reaction
debridement removal of dead tissue
epithelium surface cells of the skin
pediculosis lice
herpes zoster shingles
dermis the middle layer of skin tissue
cellulitis acute subcutaneous bacterial infection
adipose tissue fatty tissue
lipoma fatty tumor
hypodermic below the skin
anhidrosis condition of no sweat
hydronephrosis condition of water in the kidney
seborrhea too much oily discharge
histology study of tissue
ichthyosis condition of scaliness
leukocyte white cell
erythrocyte red cell
melanoma black tumor
purpur purple
xanthoma yellow tumor
mycologist one who studies fungus
mycosis condition of having fungus
onychomycosis condition of nail fungus
paronychia inflammation of the nail fold
dysplasia abnormal formation
squamous scaley
xerosis condition of dryness
sclerosis condition of hardening
chemotherapy treating something with chemicals
cryotherapy treating something by freezing
carcinoma cancerous tumor
carcinogen origin of cancer
autograft tissue transfer on same person
autoimmune immune response attacking self
homophobia fear of the same
homograft skin transfer between people
heterograft skin transfer from another species
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