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Cardiovascular Sys 7

Words and Definitions

endocardium inside the heart
cardiovascular pertaining to the heart and its vessels
atherosclerosis condition of hardening of fatty plaque
angiogram record of a vessel
angiography procedure of obtaining a record of a vessel
arteriosclerosis condition of hardening of an artery
aortic aneurysm thinning of the aortic wall
lymphangitis inflammation of a lymph vessel
vasospasm involuntary contraction of a vessel
vasodilator something that dilates vessels (medication, caffiene, alcohol etc)
aortostenosis narrowing of the aorta
myocardium heart muscle
pericardium around the heart
coronary pertaining to the arteries around the heart
pectoral pertaining to the chest
angina pectoris pain in the chest due to insufficient blood flow to tissue
thorax cavity chest
thoracic cavity chest cavity
thoracentesis puncturing of chest for aspiration
thoracotomy cutting into the chest
pneumothorax air in chest
thrombus clot
thrombophlebitis inflammation of a vein due to a clot
venous pertaining to the veins
phlebotomy cutting into vein
venipuncture puncture vein
atrioventricular pertaining to the atria and ventricles
atrium singular upper chamber of heart
atria both upper chambers of the heart (plural)
ventricle singular lower chamber of the heart
ventricles both lower chambers of the heart
diastole when heart expands
thrombus stationary blood clot
anticoagulant drug against clotting
systole when heart contracts
embolus clot carried in the blood stream
ischemia decreased blood flow to tissue
hypotension low blood pressure
stenosis condition of narrowing
occlusion plugged or blocked
hypertension high blood pressure
sclerosis condition of hardening
infarction tissue death due to decreased blood flow
angina pain usually in chest due to ischemia
aneurysm thinning spot on vessel
diaphoresis excessive sweating
palpitation subjective experience of irregular heart rate
arrhythmia irregular rhythm of heart rate
tachycardia too fast heart rate
dysrhythmia bad rythym of heart
bradycardia too slow heart rate
percussion tapping
auscultation listening with stethascope
fibrillation chaotic irregular contraction of the heart
defibrillation stopping fibrillation
diuretic medication used to decrease excessive fluid in tissue
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