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Gastrointestinal surgery

True or False - The surgeon creates a stoma by making a circular incision thru the skin & abdominal wall at the stoma site. True
True or False - In a hepatic resection, right angle clamps allow the surgeon to reach underneath and areound blood vessels, ducts, and connective tissue attachments of the organ. True
This layer contains adipose tissue ranging from 1/4" to more than 8" thick. Subcutaneous
This word means "to bring together". Approximate
During a lap chole, these structures must be ligated and divided. Common duct and cystic artery.
What is the serous membrane lining the walls of the abdominal cavity? Abdominal peritoneum
Which type of incision is the simplist and most common abdominal incision used by the general surgeon? Midline
The wall of the stomach contains an outer layer of delicate tissue called _____? Serosa
What material is used to create a non-stress closure during a hernia operation? Mesh
When tissue from within the abdomen pushes out thru the defect, it may emerge betweent the layers. This is called a ______? Hernia
A congenital weakness in the inguinal floor is called a _________? Indirect inguinal hernia
A procedure in which a portion of the intestine is surgically severed and brought to the outside is a ______? Colostomy
What surgery is performed when an incision is made into the abdominal cavity? Laparotomy
During this procedure, a section of large intestine is removed, and it's continuity restored. Colectomy and anastomosis
These 2 sections of small bowel are suspended from the abdominal wall by a sheet of vascular tissue called the mesentery. Jejunum and ileum
The pancreatic duct (duct of Wirsung)and the common bile duct from the liver drain their contents into which section of the small intestine? Duodenum
What vein transverses the liver and it's branches form complex extensions into the liver? Portal vein
A pyloral myotomy is performed to correct what condition? Pyloric stenosis
Resection of the lower esophagus and upper stomach is called _______? Esophagogastrectomy
What separates the lobes of the liver? Falciform ligament
What are the 2 major vessels that supply the spleen? Splenic artery and splenic vein
The combining form of the first part of the large intestine is ___? Cec/o
Pertaining to the abdomen is _____? Pelvic
What duct carries bile into the duodenum? Common bile duct
Muscular, wavelike movement to transport foed thru the GI tract is ________? Peristalsis
High blood levels of a pigment released by the liver with bile is ________? hyperbilirubinemia
Chronic inflammation of the intestinal tract is called _______? Crohn disease
A ring of muscle is called a ___? Sphincter
What type of dr. specializes in gums? Periodontist
What is the combining form for "mouth"? Stomat/o
What membrane connects parts of the small intestine? Mesentery
Swollen, twisted veins are called ______? Esophageal varices
Abnormal pockets in a hollow organ, such as the intestine, are called ____? Diverticula
A new opening from the large bowel to the surace of the body is a _____? Colostomy
When fats are inproperly digested and appear in the feces, it is called _______? Steatorrhea
Telescoping of the intestines is called _____? Intussusception
The membrane connecting the intestines is the ______? Mesentery
The surgical term for resection of the gallbladder is ______? Cholecystectomy
The twisting of an intestine is _____? Volvulus
Chronic intestinal inflammation is ____? Crohn disease
The rate at which energy is used is called ___? Power
The flow of electricity is called ____? Current
The grounding pad is known as the ______? Dispersive electrode
What unit is used to measure the strength of electrical current? Ampere
Gas, liquid, or solid thru which light energy is passed to create a laser beam, and contained in the optical resonant chamber is known as ___? Laser medium
In wave science, the number of waves/second is measured in Hertz and is called the _______? Frequency
All of the waves in laser light are ____, which means they all have the same color (wavelength). Monochromatic
When using the ESU, the PT must remove all body jewelry in order to prevent __? Alternate site burns
What material is reactive and does not cause resistance to the flow of electricity? Metal
When using an ESU, the arcing or spray mode creates the highest voltage available. What is this mode used for? Fulgaration and coagulation
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