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med-term 15i

lab test & clinical proced

antinuclear antibody test (ANA) detects antibodies assoc w SLE
erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) measures time it takes for erythrocytes to settle to bottom of test tube, tests for RA, tumors, infections
rheumatoid factor test (RF) serum tested for antibody found in RA patients
serum calcium (Ca) measure calcium levels - hypercalcemia - parathyroid or malignancy
serum creatine kinase (CK) measures enzyme creatine kinase - >= musc dystrophy, polymyositis, traumatic injury
uric acid test measures uric acid - gouty arthritis (gout)
arthrocentesis surgical puncture to remove fluid from joint (synovial fluid)
arthrography taking x-rays > Injection of contrast material into joint
arthrosplasty surgical repair or replacement of joint
TKR total knee replacement
THR total hip replacement
arthroscopy visual exam of joint
bone density test bone densiitometry - low energy xray of spinal column, pelvis and wrist - measures bone mass
bone scan measures uptake of radioactive substance by bone (used for osteomylitis)
computed tomography (CT) CAT SCAN - xray beam & computer take cross sectional images
diskography xray exam of cervical or lumbr intervertebral disk > injection of contrast into nucleus pulposus (interior of the disk)
electromyography (EMG) elect stimulation, records muscle strength of contractions
magenetic resonance imaging (MRI) magnetic field creates images of soft tissue
muscle biopsy remove tissue, examine with microscope
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