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Stack #37722

Mod E Unit 3 Words Thompson Institute hbg

aniso- unequal
-cyte cell
cyt/o cell
-emia blood
erythr/o red
-globin protein
hem/o blood
hemat/o blood
leuk/o white
-lysis destruction
-osis abnormal condtion
-penia deficiency
phag/o to eat
-poiesis formation of
anemia deficiency of oxygen to cells because of low hgb or low # of RBC's
anisocytosis different sizes of RBC's present
coagulation clotting of blood
dyscrasia abnormal condition of the blood or bone marrow
erythrocyte red blood cell
erythropoiesis formation of RBC's
fibrinogen protein that is converted to fibrin by throbin
globulin liver protein that helps antibodies
hemoglobin complex protein in RBC's
hemolysis destruction of red blood cells
hemostasis termination of bleeding
immune reaction defense function of the body that produces antibodies
leukemia excessive of immature WBC's
leukocyte WBC's
leukocytopenia low numbers of WBC's
lymphadenopathy disorder of the lymph nodes
pancytopenia marked reduction in the # of WBC's, RBC's, & platelets
phagocytosis cell engulfing
plasma liquid portion of uncoagulated blood
polycythemia vera abnormal increase in the # of RBC's
purpura severe bruise
reticulocyte immature RBC's
thrombocyte platelet
thrombus clot
AHF antihemophilic factor
CBC complete blood count
diff diag differential diagnosis
ESR erthrocyte sedimentation rate
hgb hemoglobin
hct hematocrit
Created by: shady123