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Respiratory System 9

Words and Definitions

antibiotic drug to kill bacteria
emphysema example of COPD
asthma chronic condition of bronchospasm and inflammation of airways
hyperventilation breathing too quickly
hemoptysis spitting blood that originated in the lungs
sputum material expelled from lungs by coughing
expectoration productive coughing
respiration breathing
tracheostomy creating opening in windpipe
tonsillitis inflammation of tonsils
pneumonia infection of the lung
plueral pertaining to the lining around the lungs
hypoxic condition of low oxygen
tachypnea fast breathing
thoracentesis puncture for aspiration of chest
thoracotomy cutting into the chest
spirometer instrument for measuring breath
dyspnea difficulty breathing
pleuritis inflammation of the lining around the lungs
bronchospasm involuntary contraction of bronchi
bronchitis inflammation of the bronchi
alveoli air sacs in the lungs (plural)
oropharyngeal pertaining to the mouth and throat
oximetry procedure of measuring oxygen
eupnea normal breathing
expiration breathing out
pneumothorax air in the chest cavity
hemothorax blood in the chest cavity
thoracostomy creating an opening in the chest
hyperoxemia too much oxygen in blood
nasal pertaining to the nose
alveolus air sac in the lung (singular)
alveolar pertaining to the air sacs in the lungs
pleurisy inflammation of the lining around the lungs
pharyngeal pertaining to the throat
phrenospasm involuntary contraction of the diaphragm
hypoxia condition of low oxygen
nasopharyngeal pertaining to the nose and throat
tonsillectomy removal of tonsils
hypoxemia too little oxygen in blood
tonsil oval lymphatic tissues on each side of the pharynx
tracheotomy cutting into windpipe
inspiration breathing in
pyothorax pus in chest cavity
expectorant medication used to break up mucus and promote coughing
epistaxis nosebleed
stridor, wheeze abnormal sounds heard audibly in airway
endoscopy procedure of looking inside
orthopnea able to breathe in upright position only
apnea not breathing
endoscope instrument used to look inside
hyperpnea deep breathing
pulmonary pertaining to the lung
sinusitis inflammation of the sinus cavity
hypopnea shallow breathing
crackles, rales, ronchi abnormal sounds heard in airway on auscultation
spirometry measuring breath
pulmonologist one who studies the lungs and specializes in pulmonary diseases
pulmonary embolism occlusion in the pulmonary circulation
pneumothorax air in the chest cavity
pneumonectomy removal of lung
pneumoncystis pneumonia opportunistic infection of the lung
pneumonitis inflammation of the lung
pharynx throat
pharyngitis inflammation of the throat
lobectomy removal of lobe
laryngospasm involuntary contraction of the larynx
bronchiolitis inflammation of the bronchiole
bronchoscopy procedure of looking into bronchi
laryngitis inflammation of the larynx
bronchoscope instrument for looking inside bronchi
bronchodilator medication that dilates the airway
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