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micro quiz


Neisseria and Moraxella Non-motile,gram neg diplococci and descibed as a kidney bean shape
Neisseriaceae all oxidase positive
2 pathogenic species in Neisseriaceae N. Gonorhoeae and N. Meninggitidis
This gran neg diplococcus has been isolated from children and elderly Moraxella catarrhalis
Non Fastidious H.Neissaria/M.catarrhalis
Fastidious N.Gonorrhoeae/N.Meninggitidis
N.Gonorrhoeae/N.Meninggitidis Canophillic or requires CO2
H.Neissaria/M.catarrhalis can be differentiated by MTM
large,smoothed,raised and transparent Typical colonies of Meningcocci
N.Lactamica able to grow on MTM
MTM modified thayer martin
utilizes glucose only/glucose and maltose only N.Gonorrhoeae/N.Meninggitidis
N.Gonorrhoeae Moucous membranes
carried asytomatically in oro or naso N.Meninggitidis
N.Lactamica Upper respiratory tract,Normal flora
M.catarrhalis Upper respiratory tract,children and older adults
N.Gonorrhoeae,N.Meninggitidis,N.Lactamica,M.catarrhalis All can grow on CA agar
Does not grow on SBA N.Gonorrhoeae
M.catarrhalis No growth on MTM
N.Lactamica Pos Lactose
M.catarrhalis Pos Bulyrate
N.Subflava,N.Sicca and N.Mucosa Pos sucrose
M.catarrhalis and N.Flavescens Neg for glucose and maltose
Created by: hintonworld