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Elliott D and D

Elliott Direction and Descriptive Terms

end/o within
endoabdominal within the abdomen
medi/o middle
medialis close to the midline or middle of the body
poster/o back
posterioanterior flow or movement from front to back
anter/o front
anterolateral located to the front and side
circum- around
circumoral around the mouth
dist- far
distal pertaining to the point farthest away from the trunk
ab- away from
abduct to draw away from a position on the body
ad- toward
adduct to draw toward a position on the body
ante- before
antemortem before death
melan/o black,dark
melanoderma abnormal skin darkening
quadra/a/i four
quadriplegia paralysis of all four limbs
tach/y fast
tachycardia fast heartbeat
lob/o/e- lobe
lobectomy surgical removal of a lobe of an organ or gland
-malacia- abnormal softening
osteomalacia gradual abnormal softening of a bone
-megaly enlargement
cephalomegaly abnormal enlargement of the head
cry/o- cold
cryocautery destruction of tissue by freezing
erythr/o red
erythroclasis fragmentation of red blood cells
eu- good,normal
euphonia normal clear voice
ankyl/o- bent,crooked
ankylosis immobility of a joint
brachy- short
brachydactylia abnormal shortness of the fingers and toes
chrom/o/a- color
chromogenesis producing color or pigment
Created by: wgelliott