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aden/o gland
amini/o amnion (sac of fluid surrounding the embryo)
angi/o vessel (usually a blood vessel)
arteri/o artery
arthr/o joint
ather/o plaque (a yellow fatty material)
axill/o armpit (underrm)
bronch/o bronchial tubes
bronchi/o bronchial tubes
carcin/o cancerous
cardi/o heart
chem/o drug; also chemical
cholecyst/o gallbladder
chron/o time
col/o colon (large intestine or bowel)
craini/o skull
cry/o cold
cyst/o urinary bladder; also a sac of fluid or a cyst
electr/o electricity
encephal/o brain
erythr/o red
esophag/o esophagus (tube leading from the throat to the stomach)
hem/o blood
hemat/o blood
hepat/o liver
hyster/o uterus
inguin/o groin (area which the thigh meets the trunk of body)
isch/o to hold back
lapar/o abdomen (abdomen wall)
laryng/o voice box (larynx)
leuk/o white
mamm/o breast (use with -ARY, -GRAPHY, -GRAM, and -PLASTY)
mast/o breast (use with -ECTOMY and -ITIS)
men/o menses (menstration); month
mening/o meninges (membranes around the brain and spinal cord)
my/o muscle
myel/o spinal cord (nervous tissue connected to the brain and located within the spinal column or backbone); in other terms, MYEL/O means bone marrow (soft, inner parts of the bones, where blood cells are made)
necr/o death (of cells)
nephr/o kidney
neur/o nerve
oophor/o ovary
oste/o bone
ot/o ear
pelv/o hip area
peritone/o peritoneum (membrane surrounding the organs in the abdominal cavity)
phleb/o vein
pneumon/o lung
pulmon/o lung
radi/o xrays
ren/o kidney
rhin/o nose
salping/o fallopian (uterine) tube
sarc/o flesh
septic/o pertaining to infection
thorac/o chest
tonsill/o tonsil
trache/o windpipe; trachea
ur/o urine or urea (waste material); urinary track
vascul/o blood vessel
arthralgia pain in the joints
otalgia pain in the ear
myalgia pain in the muscles
neuralgia nerve pain
leukemia cancerous white blood cells in the blood and bone marrow
septicemia infection of the blood
ishemia deficiancy of blood flow to certain parts of the body
uremia abnormal condition of excessive amounts of urea in the bloodstream
urea waste material
occlusion blockage
ishemia of heart muscle blood is held back from an area of the heart muscle by an occlusion (blockage) of a coronary (heart) artery.
myocardial infraction heart attack
-ia condition
-itis inflammation
pneumonia abnormal condition of the lung or lungs
bronchitis inflammation of the bronchial tubes
esophagitis inflammation of the asophagus
larygitis inflammation of the laryx
meningitis inflammation of the meneges(membranes surrounding the brain & spinal cord)
cystitis inflammation of the urinary bladder
phlebitis inflammation of a vein
colitis inflammation of the colon(large intestines)
meninges-outer layer dura mater
meninges-middle layer arachoid
meninges-inner layer pia mater
-megaly enlargement
-oma tumor; mass
cardiomegaly enlargement of the heart
hepatomegaly enlargement of the liver
adenoma benign tumor of the gland
adenocarcinoma cancerous tumor of gland cells
myoma benign tumor of the muscle
myosarcoma malignant tumor of the muscle
myeloma malignant tumor in bone marrow
chondrosarcoma cancer of cartilage tissue
fibrosarcoma cancer of fibrous tissue
-osis condition, abnormal condition
nephrosis abnormal condition of the kidney
necrosis death of cells
erythrocytosis abnormal condition of red blood cells (slight increase in numbers)
-pathy disease condition
encephalopathy disease of the brain
leukocytosis slight increase in numbers of white blood cells (as a response to infection)
cardiomyopathy disease of the heart muscle
nephropathy disease condition of the kidney
adrenopathy disease condition of the adrenal glands
hepatopathy disease condition of the liver
lymphadenopathy disease condition of the lymph nodes (previously called glands)
myopathy disease condition of muscles
neuropathy disease condition of nerves
osteopathy disease condition of bones
retinopathy disease of the retina of the eye
leimyosarcoma cancer of visceral muscle (attached to internal organs)
leiomy/o visceral muscle
liposarcoma cancer of fatty tissue
lip/o fat
osteogenic sarcoma cancer of bone
rhabdomyosarcoma cancer of skeletl muscle (attached tom bone)
rhabdomy/o skeletal muscle
hepatoma malignant tumor of the liver
lymphoma malignant tumor of the lymph nodes
melenoma malignant tumor of pigmented cells in the skin
melan/o black
mesothelioma malignant tumor of pleural cells (membrane surrounding the lungs)
multiple myeloma malignant tumor of bone marrow cells
thymoma malignant tumor of the thymus gland
-rrhea flow, discharge
rhinorrhea discharge from the nose
menorrhea normal discharge of blood & tissue from the uterine lining during menstruation
-rrhage excessive discharge of blood
-rrhagia excessive discharge of blood
hemorrhage bursting forth of blood
menorrhagia excessive bleeding from the uterus during menstuation
-sclerosis hardening
arteriosclerosis hardening of arteries
-uria condition of urine
hematuria abnormal condition of blood in the urine
-al pertaining to
peritoneal pertaining to the peritonium
inguinal pertaining to the groin
renal pertaining to the kidney
esophageal pertaining to the esophagus
myocardial pertaining to the heart muscle
-ar pertaining to
vascular pertaining to blood vessels
-ary pertaining to
axillary pertaining to the armpit or underarm
mammory pertaining to the breast
pulmonary pertaining to the lungs
chronic lasting a long time
pelvic pertaining to the pelvis
-centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid
thoracentesis surgical puncture of the chest to remove fluid
amniocentesis surgical puncture of the amnion to remove fluid (sac surrounding the fetus)
arthrocentesis surgical punture to remove fluid in the joint
-ectomy removal,resection,excision
tonsillectomy removal(excision) of a tonsill or tonsills
hysterectomy excision of the uterus, either through the abdominal wall(abdominal hysterectomy) or through the vagina(vaginal hysterectomy)
oophorectomy removal of ovary or ovaries
salpingectomy removal of a fallopian(uterine) tube
cholecystectomy removal of the gallbladder
mastectomy removal(excision) of the breast
adenectomy excision of a gland
adenoidectomy excision of the adnoids
appendectomy excision of the appendix
colectomy excision of the colon
gastrectomy excision of the stomach
laminectomy excision of a piece of backbone(lamina) to relieve pressure on nerves from a herniating disk
myomectomy excision of a muscle tumor(commonly a fibroid of the uterus)
pneumonectomy excision of lung tissue
lobectomy excision of a single lobe
total pneumonectomy excision of an entire lung
splenectomy excision of the spleen
mylogram xray image of the spinal cord after contrast is injected within the membranes surrounding the spinal cord in the lumbar area of the back.`
mammogram xray record of the breast
-graphy process of recording
electroencephalography process of recording the electricity of the brain
mammography process of making an xay recording of the breast
angiography xray recording of blood vessels after contrast has been injected.
-lysis separation, breakdown, destruction
dialysis complete separation of wastes(urea) from the blood when kidneys fail.
-plasty surgical repair, or surgical correction
mammoplasty surgical repair of the breast(reconstruction)
rhinoplasty surgical repair of the nose
angioplasty surgical repair of a blood vessel. A tube(catheter) is placed in a clogged artery and baloon is inflated to flattenthe clogged material against the wall of the artery which enlarges the opening of the artery so more blood can pass
-scopy process of veiwing or visual examination
bronchoscopy visual examination of broncial tubes by passing an endoscope through the trachea into the bronchi.
laparoscopy visual examination of the abdomen
laryngoscopy visual examination of the interior of the voice box(larynx) using an endoscope,
-stomy Opening; procedure to create a permanent or semi-permanent opening from an organ to the outside of the body.
colostomy opening of the colon to the outside of the body.
tracheostomy opening of the trachea to the outside of the body.
-therapy treatment
radiotherapy Treatment of disease(cancer) with high energy xrays or particles such as photons & protons. Also called radiation therapy
chemotherapy Treatment using drugs. Most often used in treating cancer.
cryotherapy Treatment using cold temperatures.
-tomy Temporary incision; to cut into
craniotomy incision of the skull
-stomy permanent or semi-permanent opening.
laparotomy incision of the abdomen
phlebotomy incision of a vein
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