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Medical terminology

A- or An- Without
Ante- Before
Anti- Against
Auto- Self
Brady- Slow
Contra Opposite
Dia Complete or through or across
Dys Painful or difficult or abnormal
End- or endo- Without or inner
Epi upon- or over or above
Eu- Normal or good
ex out or away from
hetero- different
hydro- water
hyper excessive or above normal or above
hypo deficient or below or below normal
in- in or within or not
Infra- under or beneath or below
Inter- Between
Intra- Within or inside
ipsi same
Macro- Large
Meta Beyond or change
Micro small
Neo- New
Pachy- Thick
par or para Beside or beyond or near or two parts of a pair
per- through
peri around
poly- many
post- after
pre- or pro- before or in front of
pseudo- false
retro- backwardor behind
syn- together
tachy- rapid or fast
trans- through or across
ultra- beyond or excess
Bi- or bin- or di- two or double or twice
hemi- half
mono- or mon- or uni- one
multi- many
nulli- none
quad- or quadri- four
semi- partial or half
tri- three
arthr/o Joint
Carcin/o Cancer
card/i Heart
chem/o Chemical
dermat/o Skin
enter/o intestine or small intestine
gastr/o stomach
hepat/o liver
immun/o immunity or immune or protection
morph/o shape
muscul/o muscle
nephr/o kidney
neur/o Nerve
ophthalm/o eye
oste/o Bone
ot/o ear
pharyng/o Pharynx( Throat)
pulmon/o Lung
rhin/o Nose
therm/o heat
tonsill/o Tonsil
Vertebr/o Vertebra
-algia Pain
-cele hernia or protrusion
-cise cut
-cyte cell
-derma skin
-dynia pain
-edema swelling
-emia Blood condition
-emic relating to blood
-gen that which produces
-genesis production or generation
-genic producing
-gnosis knowing
State or condition
-ion action or condition
-ism state of
-itis Inflammation( A response to injury or infection)
-ization process of
-ize use or subject to
-logist one who studies or specialist
-logy study of
-lysis separation or destruction
-lytic separating or destroying
-malacia softening
-megaly enlargement or large
-oma tumor or mass
-opsy view of
-osis abnormal condition or abnormal formation
-pathy disease
-phobia abnormal fear or aversion
-pathy disease
-phobia abnormal fear or aversion
-plegia paralysis
-porosis porous
-ptosis drooping
-rrhagia or -rrhage profuse fluiid discharge or excessive discharge
-rrhea discharge or flow
-rrhexis Rupture
-sclerosis hardening
-stasis standing still
-stenosis narrowing
-therapy treatment
-trophy development or nourishment
-um adding Um, creates a noun
-uria Urine condition or urination
-ac change into adj
-al change into adj
-an change into adj
-ar change into adj
-ary change into adj
-atic change into adj
-eal change into adj
-iac change into adj
-ic change into adj
-ical change into adj
-ile change into adj
-ine change into adj
-ior change into adj
-ory change into adj
-ose change into adj
-ous change into adj
-tic change into adj
-centesis Puncture to withdraw fluid
-ectomy excision
-ostomy surgical construction of a mouth or outlet
-pexy surgical fixation
-plasty surgical repair or reshaping by surgery
-rrhaphy suturing
-tripsy crushing
-gram image or picture or recording
-graphy process of recording
-meter instrument for measuring
-scope instrument for viewing or examination
-scopy process of using an instrument to visually examine
-tome cutting instrument
-is plural is es (diagnoses)
-um plural is a (Ova)
-us plural is i (alveoli)
-a (vertebra) plural is ae (vertebrae)
-ix (Appendix) plural is ices (appendices)
-ex (cortex) plural is ices(Cortices)
-ax (Thorax) Plural is aces (Thoraces)
-ma (Carcinoma) Plural is s or mata (Carcinomas)
-on ( Spermatozoon) Plural is spermatozoa
-nx ( Pharynx) Plural is nges ( Pharynges)
Created by: Juvon1
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