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repo match 2

amenorrhea absence of menstrual period
chlamydia bacterial infection, silent, asymptomatic and cause by c trachomatis
gonorrhea common std which can be transmitted to fetus during passage through birth canal and requires treatment to prevent blindness in newborn
dyspareunia recurrent painful or difficult sexual intercourse
orchitis inflammation of testes caused by infection or injury
trichomoniasis protozoal infection of lower gu tract, asymptomatic. verified by a wet prep test of secretions for microorganism
endometrosis endometrial tissue implants outside of the uterus
condylamata acuminate genital infection with raised cauliflower like growths. also know as genital warts
syphilis caused by t pallidium spirochete with painless, highly contagious local lesiona called chancre
variocele veins of testicles become abnormally distended
plancenta previa placentia implants low in uterus and interferes with cervical os
mittelschmerz unilateral pain in ovary region during mid cycle ovulation
abruptio placentae placenta separates from the uterine wall too early in pregnancy
cystocele downward displacement of urinary bladder into vagina
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