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Cerebrum Memory,Conscious thought, Complex involuntary motor patterns
Diencephalon Emotions, autonomic functions, hormone production
Midbrain Processes visual and auditory info, Gernerates involuntary somatic motor responses
Pons Connects cerebrum to brain stem
Medulla Oblongata Relays sensory info, regulates autonomic functions
Olfactory bulbs smell
Optic nerve sight
Optic chiasma crossing of optic nerves
Pituitary gland master gland of hormones
Corpora quadrigemnia involved in vision and hearing
Cerebellum activities of skeletal muscle, has to do with equilibrium, balance vision, sound and touch
Pineal Gland produces melatonin
Corpus Callosum connects cerebral hemispheres
Thalamus major sensory and intergrating center of brain
Hypothalamus controls ANS, regulation of body functions
Lateral ventricles produces CSF
Dura matter anchors brain to skull and channels blood into internal jugular veins
Arachnoid contains CSF
CSF a cushion for the CNS
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