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Drug classifying

Drug Class

Drugs ClassificationBrand Name DrugsGeneric Name DrugsDrug Action
Vasopressor [ Levophed ] Vasopressor Raises BP
Vassopressor [ Aramine ] Vassopressor Raises BP
Hemostatic Vitamin K Hemostatic stops bleeding ---
Hemostatic Hemostatic Humafac stops bleeding
Hemostatic Hemostatic Amicar stops bleeding
Vasodilator Vasodilator Nitro-glycerin Lowers Bp
TRanquilizer TRanquilizer Thorazine reduces mental tension & anxiety
TRanquilizer TRanquilizer Mellaril reduces mental tension & anxiety
Tranquilizer Tranquilizer Haldol mental tension & anxiety reduced
Sedatives [ Buticaps ] Sedatives calms w/o drowziness
Sedatives [ Amytal ] Sedatives calms w/o sleepiness
Sedatives Sedatives phenobarbital calms w/o sleepiness
Muscle relaxant Muscle relaxant Valium relaxes skeletal muscles
Laxative Laxative Metamucil powder Loosens & promotes BM
Laxative Laxative Dulcolax Loosens & promotes BM
Hypo gly cemic [ Diabinese ] hypoglycemic lowers blood glucose level
Hypnotic [ Senocal ] hypnotic creates sleep or hypnosis
Hypnotic [ Placidyl ] hypnotics creates sleep or hypnosis
Expectorant [ Robitussin ] expectorant removes phlem
Diurectic [ Lasix ] diurectic increases urine
Diurectic [ Diuril ] diurectic increases urine
Diurectic [ Osmitrol ] diurectic increases urine
Decongestant [ Sudafed ] decongestant reduces nasal congestion
Decongestant [ Neo-Synephrine ] decongestant reduces nasal congestion
Decongestant [ Afrin ] decongestant reduces nasal congestion
Contraceptive Contraceptive Ortho-Novum prevents conception
Bronchodilator [ Proventil ] bronchodilator opens bronchi
Bronchodilator [ Isuprel ] bronchodilator opens bronchi
Anti-Ulcer [ Tagamet ] anti-ulcer heals ulcers
Anti-Ulcer [ Zantac ] anti-ulcer heals ulcers
Anti-Tussive [ Pertussin ] anti-tussive stops cough
Anti-Tussive [ Romilar ] anti-tussive stops cough
Anti-pyretic [ Tylenol ] anti-pyrectic stops fever
Anti-pyretic Anti-pyretic aspirin stops fever
Anti-pyschotic [ Thorazine ] anti-pyschotic schizo phrenia, Chronic brain syndrome
Anti-psychotic [ Haldol ] anti-psychotic chronic brain disorder/ schizo-phrenia
Analgesic [ Tylenol ] Analgesic relieves pain
Analgesic [ Aspirin ] Analgesic relieves pain
Analgesic [ Motrin-Advil ] Ibuprofen relieves pain
Anesthestic [ Xylocaine ] Lidocane local /general lack of feeling
Anesthestic [ Novacaine ] Anesthestic local /general lack of feeling
AntAcid (blank) MOM, Mylanta, Gelusil, Amphojel neutralizes acid
Anti-Anemic [ Imferon ] Anti-Anemic replaces Iron
Anti-Anxiety [ Valium, Librium, Xanax ] Anti-Anxiety relieves anxiety & muscle tension
Anti-Arrhythmic [ Xylocaine ] Anti-Arrhythmic controls cardiac arrhythmias
Anti-Arrhythmic [ Inderal ] Anti-Arrhythmic controls cardiac arrhythmias
Anti-Biotics [ Augmentin ] Anti-Biotics destroys micro-organisms
Anti-Biotics [ Polycillin ] Anti-Biotics destroys micro-organisms
Anti-Biotics [ Pentids ] Anti-Biotics destroys micro-organisms
Anti-Cholnergic [ Artane ] Anti-Cholnergic blocks nerve impulses
Anti-Coagulant [ Coumadin ] Warfarin/Heparin Anti-Coagulant delays blood clotting
Anti-Convulsant [ Tegetrol ] Anti-Convulsant prevents convulsions
Anti-Convulsant [ Dilantan ] Anti-Convulsant prevents convulsions
Anti-Convulsant [ Zarontin ] Anti-Convulsant prevents convulsions
Anti-Depressant [ Prozac ] Anti-Depressant prevents depression
Anti-Depressant [ MAO inhibitors ] Anti-Depressant prevents depression
Anti-Depressant [ Marplan ] Anti-Depressant prevents depression
Anti-Diarrheal [ Lomotil ] Pepto-Bismol prevents diarrhea
Anti-Diarrheal [ Lomotil ] Kaopectate prevents diarrhea
Anti-Dote [ Narcan ] naxolone counter-acts poisons
Anti-Emetic [ Marinol ] Anti-Emetic Prevents N&V
Anti-Emetic [ Dramamine ] Anti-Emetic prevents motion sickness
Anti-Histamine [ Claritin ] Benadryl counter -acts histamine
Anti-Hypertensive [ Lopressor ] Anti-Hypertensive controls High BP
Anti-Hypertensive [ Catapres ] Anti-Hypertensive controls High BP
Anti-Hypertensive [ Aldomet ] Anti-Hypertensive controls High BP
Anti-Inflammatory [ Naprosyn ] Anti-Inflammatory counter-acts inflammation
Anti-Inflammatory [ Advil - Motrin ] Anti-Inflammatory counter-acts inflammation
Anti-Manic [ Lithium ] Anti-Manic manic depresive disorder
Anti-Neoplastic [ Cytoxan & Myleran ] Anti-Neoplastic destroys cancer cells
(blank) Donepezil (blank) (blank)
Created by: TONYMILLER
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