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The Later Middle Age

Chapter 10 stack

Definition: cast out from the church Excommunicate
Definition: A powerful medieval pope, he fought with Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV over the power to choose church officials Pope Gregory VII
Definition: Holy Roman Emperor, he fought against Pope Gregory VII over the power to choose church officials Emperor Henry IV
Definition: A long series of wars between Christians and Muslims in Southwest Asia Crusades
Definition: The region where Jesus had lived, preached, and died Holy Land
Definition: Medieval pope, he called on Christians to launch the First Crusade Pope Urban II
Definition: King of England, he led Christian soldiers in the Third Crusade. He earned respect from his enemies as well as Christian soldiers for his bravery and his fairness King Richard I
Definiton: Muslim general, he led the Muslim forces during the Third Crusade Saladin
Definition: Church officials Clergy
Definition: A group of people who dedicate their lives to religion and follow common rules Religious Order
Definition: People who belonged to religious orders but lived and worked among the general public Friars
Definition: A law that governed how the world operated Natural Law
Definition: Italian saint, he encouraged people to be kind to others and founded the Franciscan Order Francis of Assisi
Definition: dominican philosopher, he argued that rational thought could be used to support Christian belief Thomas Aquinas
Created by: korth