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Ch7 Hlth Inf Mngmt

Data Access & Retention

key to locating the PR in any filing/computer system master patient index (MPI)
MPI identifies all patient who have been treat by the facility & lists the ___ associated with the name number
MPIs can be maintained manually or by computerized system
in order to identify the patient & his/her record the MPA should contain enough demographic data
contains information about the patient that usually remains consistent from visit to visit demographic level of MPI
demographic level of MPI does not reflect episode-specific data
reflects visit or account info that varies by the date of service episode level
in most settings an MPI is an electronic database
MPIs can link to other databases if an organization has a ___ ___ paper-based record system numerically filed
when an organization has a numerically filed paper-based record system the MPI is the key to record location
routing, statistics, & historical identification of activity within a facility are other uses for an MPI
since an MPI is not updated with name/address changes, expirations or other personal addenda it is not intended to be used as a marketing/community database
must be unique & reflect only individual occurrences & not combined for the purpose of combined billing episodes of care within an MPI
unless identified through other means, ___ must be separated by use of individual accounts gaps in recurring care
not recommended for use in MPIs because they must eventually be cross-referenced to the actual name & may may draw unnecessary attention to patient alias names
when an electronic system is not available, a manual MPI can be maintained according to alphabetical filing rules
because database software is not intelligent, name w/special characters/spaces must be entered each time in the exact same way
whether manual/computerizes ___ names pose a challenge because they are retrieved differently hyphenated
in most computerizes systems hyphens are excluded from the name
prefix names are retrieved differently depending on if they have a space between the prefix/name
database retrieval problems can cause patients to be incorrectly assigned an additional number, when using a unit numbering system
policies & procedures must be set up to ensure MPI data validity
in an MPI duplicate number assignment can result in the need to merge visits
merging visits must include updating any/all corresponding reports, records, & databases in an organization
in order to ensure that duplications & errors are cleansed many organizations engage in a daily reconciliation & validity checking process
designed to screen/identify existing/possible discrepancies at the time of creation of MPI/afterward in a batch mode specializes software
have been established to handle MPI maintenance, elimination of duplication & general overall validation specialized companies
extremely important because the MPI is a primary index for record retrieval functions in a paper-based clinical record system backup
where an automated MPI exists this must be regularly prepared & available for staff to use in case of computer downtime backup paper files
another term for backup paper files computer output microfiche (COM)
the use of this is popular so that patient can be identified to the demographic level within a health care system corporate or enterprise-wide identification numbers
corporate or enterprise-wide identification numbers allow health care systems to use a ___ & ___ numbering system, without losing ability to identify shared patient info within the corp. separate & unique
when working within a corporate health system care must be taken not to ___ the MPI merge
when multiple facilities are serviced through one index, the index should indicate the facility in which the admission or encounter occurred
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