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Ch7 Hlth Info Mngmt

MPI: The Glue Holding HIE Together

EMPI enterprise master person index
MPI master patient index
master patient index uses advanced algorithms to link the patient's id to a patient’s EMR
An MPI’s precision can be attributed to the way it is able to use any available field for matching in spite of discrepancies in the way organizations track information.
Beth Just CEO and president of Just Associates, Inc.
“An MPI is the cornerstone of any data-sharing initiative,” Beth Just
An EMR provides the clinical information about a patient, while the MPI is the index for that data
patient’s last name, first name, date of birth, gender, address, phone number, and dates and types of visits to the healthcare organization data points listed within an MPI
For RHIOs or a NHIN to be successful, they need to have an MPI to locate and link to the correct patient record.
MPIs are used by RHIOs and NHINs to keep track of info in their data warehouse
info listed in the MPI provides the organization with the ability to confirm that a specific patient is the correct person
Social Security numbers, medical record numbers or patient identification numbers, allergies, physician information, and clinical problems are additional, or other, info that may be listed in an MPI
Victoria Wheatley, vice president of strategic services at Quadramed says, “The more information a facility stores on its MPI, the more likely it is to have good matches to its records,”
A common model for an MPI is that of a record locator service
"-a repository of necessary information" refers to by Victoria Wheatley concept of an MPI
An MPI is a very important piece of the solution, and its role is analogous between what three environments RHIO, an NHIN, and a community of hospitals
particularly critical role of an MPI is to help medical providers determine if they have the correct patient
Cynthia Hyde states, "You have to have a strong baseline of patient information in the MPI in order to have-" an accurate EMR
An MPI can assist distance locations of the same company by joining their databases & EMR
when patient records are accurate, up-to-date, and matched with the correct patient Hyde states that medication errors and other patient safety factors, can be reduced & minimized
Established in the 1980s ___ were one of the earliest patient safety initiatives EMPIs
EMPI software was used by ___ ___ of industries first other types
in the commercial world the driver for the use of an EMPI was customer satisfaction
___ ___ ___ use EMPIs to retrieve & manage data on each contact with a customer customer call centers
"kind of back of safety net for physicians"; contains reminders of best practice recommendations, as a safety feature CareSpark’s MPI
according to Sheri Stoltenberg, CEO of Stoltenberg Consulting, Inc., deletion of inconsistencies and inaccuracies in an MPI should be done before any data is shared
Salim Kizaraly,of InterComponentWare, points out that an MPIs role is to aggregate data & assist providers in patient ID
Having one method of identifying a patient, regardless of where that patient might present, is the advantage of linking clinical information
some MPIs are able to identify many patient identifiers by using a minimum # of matching fields, including a patient identifier number, allowing for a more accurate match
some RHIO providers have a central database with patient level data
contains MPI data that links the patient data across the RHIOs participants record locator service
by using a machine to do the matching/discriminating rather than a person by hand it protects patient privacy under HIPPA
Created by: lfrancois
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