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A chabner ch 20

What is the medical specialty that studies the characteristics and uses of radioactive substances in diagnosis of disease Nuclear medicine
What does a radiologist do Specializes diagnostic techniques such as ultrasound, MRI and CT scans
Which of the following is true of a radiopague substance absorbs most of the x-rays it is exposed to
Which best describes a barium enema metallic powder is introduced to the large intestine and x-rays are taken
X-ray of the renal pelvis and urinary tract after injecting dye into a vein: IVP
Myelogram x-ray of the spinal cord
Which is an x-ray of a joint arthrogram
Which term describes an x-ray test to show an organ in depth tomography
What best characterizes a CT scan Uses ionizing x-rays and a computer to produce a transverse image of the body organs
What best characterizes an MRI Sagittal, frontal, and cross-sectional images are produced using magnetic and radio waves
In which x-ray view is the patient upright with the back to the x-ray machine and the film to the chest PA view
What is the meaning of adduction Moving the part of the body toward the midline of the body
What is a substance that gives off high-energy particles or rays radioisotope
In which test is a radiopharmaceutical injected intravenously and traced within the vessels of the lungs Perfusion study of the lung
What is an in vivo test Experiments are performed in a living organism
What can liver and spleen scans detect Cirrhosis and splenomegaly due to abcess or tumor
Interventional radiologists perform all of the following except: Administration of radiation therapy
What is Thallium 201 Radionuclide
In which procedure is a transducer used Ultrasound
PACS is a: System to replace traditional films with digital equivalents
FDG is a: Radiopharmaceutical used in a PET scan
DICOM is a: Protocal for transmission between imaging devices
SPECT is a: Technique using a radioactive substance and a computer to create three-dimensional images
Obscures the passage of x-rays radiopaque
Permitting the passage of x-rays radiolucent
Aids physicians in performing ultrasound procedures sonographer
Radioactive element that gives off energy in the form of radiation radioisotope
Radioactive drug administered for diagnostic purposes: radiopharmaceutical
Transformation of stable substances into changed particles ionization
Study of uses of radioactive substances in the diagnosis of disease nuclear
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