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A Fordney ch 8

Even if a physician's office does not bill medicare and does not submit transactions electronically, directly, or through a third party, the practice is still subject to HIPAA transaction rules. false
When submitting a claim to Medicare, the name of the insured is required, not situational. false
Confidential data should be stored only in the computer's hard drive. false
Clearinghouses always charge a flat fee for claim processing. false
A group of insurance claims sent at the same time from one facility is known as a ___ batch
A clearinghouse is a/an ____ entity that receives transmission of insurance claims, separates the claims, and sends each one electronically to the correct insurance payer.
Insurance claims transmitted electronically are usually paid in ___ 2 weeks or less.
The most important function of a practice management system is ___ accounts receivable.
The employer's identification number is assigned by___ the Internal Revenue Service
A clearinghouse _____ transmits claims to the insurance payer, performs software edits, separates claims by carrier
Insurance claims form data are gathered __ before the service is rendered, during the time the service is rendered, or after the service is rendered
Back-up copies of office records should be stored ___ away from the office
When a medical practice has its own computer and transmits claims electronically directly to the insurance carrier, this system is known as __ carrier-direct
A computer printout that is used to look for errors before an insurance claim is transmitted electronically is called ___ an insurance billing worksheet
Back-and-forth communication between user and computer that occurs during online realtime is called__ interactive transaction
When keying data, it is wise to ___ frequently to save information. backup
Employees who have access to patients' medical records must have a high degree of ___ and ___ responsibility and accountability
For assignment of benefits, each patient's ___ must be obtained signature
A screen prompt is a ___ question
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