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MedTerm Ch9 Test-MMT

Miller Motte Med Term Chapter 9

aden/o gland
adren/o, adrenal/o adrenal gland
andr/o male
crin/o to secrete
dips/o thirst
gluc/o, glucos/o, glyc/o glucose (sugar)
hormon/o hormone (an urging on)
ket/o, keton/o ketone bodies
pancreat/o pancreas
thym/o thymus gland
thyr/o, thyroid/o thyroid gland (shield)
measurement of thyroid hormone levels in blood plasma to determine the efficiency of glandular secretions, including T3 T4 and TSH thyroid function study
located in the center of the brain; secretes melatonin and serotonin pineal gland
influences the absorption of water by kidney tubules antidiuretic hormone (ADH)
What is the major gland of the immune system thyroid
What secretes norepinephrine adrenal glands
What is PTH (parathyroid hormone)regulates calcium and phosphorus metabolism
What is insulin secreted by beta cells
What does the adrenal cortex secrete steroid hormones
measurement of blood sugar level after fasting (not eating) for 12 hours fasting blood sugar (FBS)
regulates calcium and phosphorus metabolism Parathyroid hormone. (PTH)
What does the thyroid gland secrete thymosin
What are the signs and symptoms of Cushing Syndrome collection of signs and symptoms caused by excessive level of cortisol hormone;side effect of treatment with glucocorticoid symptoms include upper body obesity, facial puffiness, hyperglycemia, weakness,easily bruised skin ,hypertension, and osteoporosis
What hormone is used to treat dwarfism treated during childhood with growth hormone
diabetes in which either the body produces insufficient insulin or insulin resistance (a defective use of the insulin that is produced) occurs; the patient usually is not dependent on insulin for survival type 2 diabetes mellitus
shaggy; an excessive growth of hair, especially in unusual places (e.g., a woman with a beard) hirsutism
a condition of hypersecretion of the thyroid gland characterized by nervousness, weight loss, rapid pulse, protrusion of the eyeball (exophthalmos), goiter, etc hyperthyroidism
advanced hypothyroidism in adults characterized by sluggishness, slow pulse, puffiness in the hands and face, and dry skin (myx = mucus) myxedema
condition of congenital hypothyroidism in children that results in a lack of mental development and dwarfed physical stature; the thyroid gland is either congenitally absent or imperfectly developed cretinism
Where are the adrenal glands located located on the superior surface of each kidney
secreted in response to fear or physical injury epinephrine
regulates carbohydrate metabolism and have antiinflammatory effects; cortisol is the most significant ______________ glucocorticoids
Where is the thyroid gland located in front of the neck
initiates the growth of ovarian follicle; stimulates the secretion of estrogen in females and the production of sperm in males follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)
stimulates breast development and milk production during pregnancy prolactin
affects skin pigmentation melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH)
a drug that lowers the blood glucose level (2 names) hypoglycemic; antihyperglycemic
ADH antidiuretic hormone
BS blood sugar
DKA diabetic ketoacidosis
DM diabetic mellitus
GH growth hormone
GTT glucose tolerance test
HbAlc glycosylated hemoglobin
HRT hormone replacement therapy
MSH melanocyte-stimulating hormone
PPBS postprandial blood sugar
TSH thyroid-stimulating hormone
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