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Safety and Security

Natural body alignment when standing with the head is held squarely erect,not tilted. to any one side posture
Point in a body where weight is equally distributed on all sides center of gravity
The width of your stance that stabilizes your body. base of support
Balance as a result of good body alignment. equilibrium
Technique used when it is necessary to turn a patient without flexing his neck or back log roll
Document including the chemical, physical and hazard information. MSDS-Material Safety Data Sheet
Government agency that maintains a safe and healthy work environment OSHA-Occupational Safety and Health Adminstration
Working plan for dealing with victims of major disasters. Disaster plan
Rescue patient-Activate alarm-Contain fire-Evacuate R.A.C.E.
Pull the pin-Aim nozzle-Squeeze handle-Sweep fire P.A.S.S.
#1 cause of fire in healthcare settings smoking
#1 reason for accident in healthcare settings falls
Created by: barbarabenson