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MOPS Processing Mail

MOPS Processing Mail Quiz

Mail is classified according to what four categories? 1 - Destination; 2 - Type; 3 - Weight; 4 - Speed
In order to have a letter returned to you that you accidentally placed in a mailbox, you do what? Fillout an application form the same or next day
A postage meter machine is leased / purchased from? Manufacture
To purchase postage for a postage meter, purchase postage from who? Post Office
Certified mail has what kind of value? Intrinsic
What does intrinsic mean? No monetary value
Where and for how long are records for certified mail kept? At the USPO for 2 years
When something you are sending has a $ value up to $5,000.00, it is best to send the package how? Insured
What is the most secure type of insured mail? Registered mail
Why is registered mail the most secure type of insured mail? You receive verification of delivery by receiving back a card that has an addressee signature
Highlighting information & writing notations on letters sent to the office, seeking some kind of response from the doctor in regards to the letter, is called what? Annotating
What does OCR stand for? Optical Character Reader
What does a Optical Character Reader do? It is an eletronic device that reads the last two lines of an address
What classification is used to ship educational materials? Special 4th class
Indemnity insurance against loses through registered mail is limited to how much? $25,000.00
First class mail weighing up to 70 lbs and offers a two to three-day delivery would be sent how? Priority Mail (Has green diamond on envelope)
What do you do if you accidentally open a Doctors personal mail? 1 - Re-seal with tape; 2 - Write 'opened in error' on envelope; 3 - put your initials on envelope
What does COD mean? Cash or Collect on delivery. It will not be left with addressee if no money is available
Mailing a letter attached to the outside of a package is called what? Combination mail
Proof that an item has been delivered to the post office is called what? Certificate of mailing
Proof that an item has been delivered to the addressee is called what? Delivery confirmation
What are some examples of first call mail? 1 - Postcards; 2 - Large Envelopes; 3 - Small Packages
What is the name of mail guaranteed to be delivered in one or two days? Express
What are some examples of media mail? 1 - Newspapers; 2 - Books; 3 - Magazines
How is general merchandise or gifts mailed? Parcel Post
Rates based on weight, shape, and distance would be mailed how? 1 - Junk Mail; 2 - Bound Printed matter; 3 - Bulk mail
Where do faxes come in on the priority list? Top priority
What is the weight limit for 1st class mail? 13 ounces
Certiicate of mailing gives what kind of proof? Proof that item was delivered but not to who it was delivered
What is the MOST secure way to mail something? Registered mail
What are some good points about Postal Money Orders? 1 - Safer than sending cash; 2 - If lost or stolen it will be replaced; 3 - Record is kept for two years at the Post Office
What are the difference between Insured and registered Mail? 1 - Registered mail is mre sercure; 2 - Insured is only covered for up to $5,000.00; 3 - Insured is less expensive; 4 - Insured is available for all classifications of mail
What are some examples of Certified mail? 1 - Contracts; 2 - Deeds; 3 - Mortgages; 4 - Bankbooks; 5 - Money orders (Items with no monetary value but are hard to replace)
Where are Certified and registered labels placed on an envelope? To the left of the postage
Where would you stamp an envelope Confidential, Personal or Address Correction Requested? Below and slightly to the right of the return address
Where would you type or stamp Certified, Registered, or Special Delivery? Below and to the left of the postage
What lettering should you avoid when addressing an envelope? 1 - Script; 2 - Italic; 3 - Artistic Typefaces
Should you address in lower or upper case? Fully Capitalized
Where is it acceptable to use punctuation marks? None
How does the OCR read an address? From the bottom up
When mailing to a foreign country, do you do anything different? Yes, the name of the counrty is placed two lines below the City, State, Zip Code line
Created by: amandmc