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manning cardio

cardiovascular disease

low pressure in the arteries hypertension
the leading cause of death in the U.S. for men and women coronary heart disease
heart tissue cardiac
chambers/cavities in heart 4
veins become gnarled and enlarged varicose veins
tips of fingers, toes, nose and ears feel numb and cool raynaud's disease
inflammation of the inside lining of the heart chambers and valves endocarditis
system heart, arteries, veins capillaries belong to cardiovascular system
develops after streptococcus bacteria rheumatic heart disease
narrowing of the blood vessels coronary artery disease
caused by essential hypertension or kidney failure hypertensive heart disease
number 1 cause of death associated with high blood pressure hypertensive heart disease
can occur when hospitalized for a major surgery or illness thrombophlebitis
rheumatic heart disease is also called rheumatic fever
name of 4 valves in heart tricuspid, pulmonary, mitral and aortic
atherosclerosis is also know as arteriosclerotic vascular disease
swelling of a vein casued by a blood clot thrombophlebitis
eating healthy, exercising and avoiding smoking can prevent your chances of developing cardiovascular diseases
disease is common worldwide rheumatic heart disease
ways to prevent raynaud's disease dress warmly, wear gloves and socks when taking food to/out of freezer, move to a location with milder climate
approximately 72 million americans are affected hypertension
also know as the "silent killer" hypertension
circulation between heart and lungs pulmonary ciculation
carries oxygenated blood away from heart to tissues and cells systemic circulation
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