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World War II

Totalitariansm political leadership with one leader having absolute power
Benito Mussolini Italy's 40th Prime MInister One of the founders of Italian fascism
March on Rome In 1922, Mussolini gathered 20,000 'Blackshirts' (semi-military group) outside Rome and demanded that the government be turned over to him
Weimar Republic republic created by new leaders in Germany after the Kaiser gave up power
Inflation rising trend in prices due to the amount of money available relative to the number of goods and services availible
Adolf Hitler 1889 - 1945Chancellor of the Weimar Republic in 1933
NAZI an acronym for the German Socialist Workers' Party ruled by adolf Hitler
Anit-Semitism Discrimination against Jews either for their religion or ethnic origins
Scapegoat someone who takes the blame for others' action
Enabling Act Hitler forced parliament to pass an Act, which made him all-powerful thus making Germany a totalitarian state
Night of the Long Knives June 30 - July 2, 1934mass murders were carried out on Hitler's orders. He wanted to get rid of 'enemies of the state'.
Nuremburg Laws 1933 - 1939a package of laws enacted against Jews -had to wear star of David-lost property and careers-could not mix with regular population -lost their citizenship
Kristallnacht "Night of Glass" November 9, 1938Hitler commanded NAZI's to attack Jews and their property
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