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Causes of WWll

All the different causes of WWll

Germans blame their government for losing WWl WWl Armistice
Blamed Germany for WWl Treaty of Versaille
Depression across Europe The Great Depression
Dictator Of Italy Mussolini
Dictator of the Soviet Union Stalin
Emperor of Japan Hirohito
War is against the law Kellog-Brand Pact
Japan attacks northern province of China Mukden Incident
Dictator of Germany Hitler
President of USA FDR
1st landtake by Germany (from France) Germany takes Rhineland
Francis Franco, dictator of Spain, stays neutral because of Spanish Civil War
Japan invades capital of China and rapes the women Japanese Rape of Nanking
Hitler takes this country without firing a single shot. (his home country) Anschluss Of Austria
Germany takes Sudetenland from Czech. Munich Pact
Hitler tells Germans to attack the Jews Kristalinacht
Nazi's tell this country to give up their land or they'll blow it up Nazi's take Czech.
Italy follow Germany's lead and attacks this country Italy invades Alabana
Pact that dooms Poland Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact
Invasion that begins WWl Germany invades Poland
Countries realize what Germanys doing so France and England... France and England Declare War On Germany
USA doesnt want to be apart of the war U.S. President Neutrality Act
Created by: phillisrussell