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Clinical Terms

Terms related to chapter 4

Clinical TermsCT Definitions
Adenoma Any neoplasm of glandular epithelium, benign or malignant.
Autopsy Examination of the body, its organs and its tissues after death to determine the actual cause of death.
Carcinoma Cancer arising in an epithelium
Fat embolism Freely floating fat globule in the bloodstream; may result in extensive injury to tissue and bones. Masses may obstruct blood circulation.
Healing by first intention The simplest healing. Edges of wound are brought together by sutures. Only small amounts of granulation tissue forms.
Keloid Abnormal proliferation of connective tissue during healing of skin wounds; results in a large mass of scar tissue at the skin surface.
Healing by second intention Wound edges remain seperated. Healing is slower and larger scars result.
Lesion Any injury, wound or infection that affects tissue over an area of a definite size.
Marfan's syndrome Genetic disease resulting in abnormalities of connective tissues due to a defect in fibrillin, a potein that helps provide the scaffolding between cells.
Patholgy The scientific study of changes in organs and tissues produced by disease.
Pus A collection of connective tissue fluid, bacteria, dead and dying tissue cells, white blood cells and macrophages in an inflamed area.
Sarcoma Cancer arising in the mesenchyme-derived tissues, that is, in connective tissues and muscle.
Scurvy A nutritional deficiency caused by lack of adequate vitamin C to synthesize collagen.
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