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Pro Tools-101

Digidesign certification test

What is the range of human hearing? between 20 and 20,000 cycles per second
Binary word length is commonly referred as? bit depth
Pro Tools M-Power and Pro Tools LE systems are host-based. True or false? True
Pro Tools supports audio formats with resolution up to how many bits? 24 bits
Pro Tools supports audio formats with sample rates up to how many kHz? 192 kHz
Pro Tools has the ability to play back up to how many tracks simultaneously? 192
Pro Tools session can have up to how many Midi Tracks in addition to its audio tracks? 256
What can be imported for audio post-production? Quick Time movies, Avid video files, Windows Media (VC-1 AP) clips
Who are the founders of Pro Tools? Peter Gotcher and Evan Brooks
Pro Tools HD 8 provides how many I/O channels? 160 channels
In Pro Tools HD 8 provides how many aux inputs? 160
M-Power 8.0 provides sampling rates up to how many kHz? 96 kHz
M-Power 8.0 will power up to how many audio tracks simultaneously? 48
Which systems are host-based? M-Power and Pro Tools LE
Pro Tools can import Windows Media (VC-1 AP) clips from which window system? Window Vista
Pro Tools HD 8 provides how many instrument tracks? 128
Pro Tools HD 8 provides how many audio track counts? 192
What system provides 256 MIDI tracks, as well as additional tracks for master faders? Pro Tools HD 8
The dynamic range increases by approximately how much for each bit added to the binary word length? 6 dB
What does (DSP) stand for? Digital Signal Processing
What does Pro Tools HD use for power for their mixing and real-time processing operations, combined with peripheral hardware for I/O purposes? Digidesign PCI cards with digital signal processing
Pro Tools M-Power 8.0 will power up to how many audio tracks and MIDI tracks simultaneous? 256 tracks
The Music Production Toolkit 2 increases the Pro Tools M-Powered and Pro Tools LE track count up to how many mono and stereo tracks? 64
The Complete Production Toolkit increases the Pro Tools LE track count up to how many mono and stereo tracks? 128 mono/64 stereo tracks
Pro Tools HD systems provide sampling rates up to how many kHz? 192 kHz
Pro Tool HD 8 provides how many MIDI track counts? 256 Midi tracks
What three varieties does Pro Tools plug-ins come in? Real-Time AudioSuite (RTAS) plug-ins, TDM plug-ins (Pro Tools HD only), AudioSuite plug-ins
Which Pro Tools 8 plug-in provides four separate plug-ins (Lo-Fi, Sci-Fi, Recti-Fi, and Vari-Fi) for processing and deconstructing audio in retro and synthesis oriented ways? D-Fi
What does the Digidesign Maxim plug-in do? It provides powerful peek-limiting and sound-maximizing ideal for critical mastering applications and peak limiting tasks
What are the TL Utilities? A plug-in that provides professional metering, metronome, and instrument tuning for Pro Tools
What plug-in are included in the TL Utilities? TL Metro, TL InTune, TL MasterMeter
What is Pro Tools Creative Collection? A set of Real-Time AudioSuite (RTAS) effects and instrument plug-ins included for Pro Tools 8 and higher
What does the Make Music Now Bundle include? 8 GB of audio loops by Big Fish, Melodyne Essential, BFD Lite, Torq LE live performance software, and Pro Tools 8 Instructional DVD
What does the Eleven LE plug-in from Music Production Toolkit 2 do? Provides highly realistic guitar tones for host-based Pro Tools system based on vintage & modern tube amps, speaker cabinets, & mics
What does the Hybrid plug-in from Music Production Toolkit 2 do? A high-definition synthesizer that combines the warmth of classic analog waveforms with digital wavetables to produce unique legendary synth sounds
What does the TL Space Native Convolution Reverb plug-in from Music Production Toolkit 2 do? Delivers pristine sound of real reverberant spaces with a comprehensive library of reverb and effect impulses and the ability to add impulses easily
What does the Smack! LE plug-in from Music Production Toolkit 2 do? A professional compressor/limiter plug-in is designed for anyone who requires a great-sounding, flexible, and easy-to-use compression tool
What does the Structure LE plug-in from Music Production Toolkit 2 do? Allows you to focus on quickly and easily integrating a wide range of samples into your Pro Tools sessions & tweaking them to create your own unique sounds
What does TL Space Native Convolution Reverb do? Offers a full range of authentic acoustic environments thru a library of reverb & effect impulses and the ability to add impulse easily
What does the DINR LE plug-in do? Reducess unwanted noise
What does X-Form do? Provides high quality time compression and expansion as well as formant-corrected pitch-shifting
What does the DigiTranslator 2.0 do? Simplifies the process of file interchange by converting and exchanging OMF, AAF, & MXF files
Pro Tools 8.x sessions use what what extension? ".ptf"
Sessions created in versions of Pro Tools older than 7.0 use what extensions? ".pts" or ".pt5"
What characters can't Pro Tools file names use because they are not compatible with a supported operating system? ASCII characters: /(slash) \(backslash) :(colon) *(asterisk) ?(question) "(quotation marks) '(apostrophe) <(less-than symbol) >(greater-than symbol) |(vertical line)
Can WaveCache files can be deleted without harming the session or your system? Yes!
What can you do to get maximum session portability when dealing with movies? Create a Video File folder & copy existing movies into it prior to importing them into your session
What Pro Tools M-Powered and LE interfaces get their power from the computer and don't need to be powered up in advance? Fast Track USB and Mbox 2
How do you find Pro Tools on windows and mac? Windows:Pro Tools can be found in the Start menu Mac OS: You can create a shortcut on the Dock by dragging the icon to the dock
Does the Hardware Buffer size setting affect TDM processing? NO
What's the difference between the View menu & the Windows menu? View: Commands in the view menu affect parts of a window or change how the elements within the windows are displayed. Windows: shows, hides or arranges entire windows.
What is the difference between Cycles Per Second (CPS) and Hertz (Hz) ? They are the same, CPS=Hz
How many dBs does the amplitude need to increase for a sound to be twice as loud? 10db
What is the threshold for pain and sensation? 120dB
What two essential factors affect the A/D process? sample rate and bit depth
What is the process called that translates audio signals into digital numerical information? Analog-to-digital conversion, or A/D conversion
What does Nyquist Theorem state? In order to produce an accurate representation of a given frequency of sound, each cycle of the sound's vibration must be sampled a minimum of two times.
Each minute of 16-bit/48-kHz stereo audio occupies how much hard-drive space? 11.4 MB
Each minute of 24-bit/48-kHz stereo audio occupies how much hard-drive space? 17 MB
What does Music Production Toolkit 2 include? Plug-ins: Eleven LE, Hybrid, TL Space Native Convolution Reverb, Smack! LE, and Structure LE
What does the DV Toolkit include? TL Space Native Convolution Reverb, DINR LE, X-Form, DigiTranslator 2.0, & DigiBase Pro
What comes in the Complete Production Toolkit? All features of Music Production Toolkit and DV Toolkit 2 & selection of alternate field recorder audio channels in timeline, expansion of alternate field recorder channels to new tracks
How many seperate licenses from software vendors can an iLok key hold? 100
What is the Command key in Windows? Ctl (control) key
What is the Option key in Windows? Alt key
What is the Ctrl (Control) key in Windows? Start (Win) key
What is the Return key in Windows? Enter key on main (not numerical keypad)
What is the Delete key in Windows? Backspace key
What does TDM stand for? Time Devision Multiplexing
Where can you locate the Playback Engine? In Setup
What is the main difference between the "Save As" command and the "Save Copy In" command? When you "Save As", the open session will be the renamed copy that you created. After a "Save
Created by: stevemata
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