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To pee when you laigh Stress Incontenance
Outer layer of the kidney Cortex
Excessive urination at night Nocturia
Narrowing of the urethera Urethrostenosis
Sudden onset and charterized by uremia. Can be fatal if not reversed immedietly Acute Renal Failure
High levels of protein in the urine Nephrodic Syndrome
Opening to the external of the urethera Urethro Meadis
Inflamation in the walls of the bladder Interstitial Cystitis
Catherdor thru abdomin into the bladder Supra Pubic Catherdierization
Abnormal opening from bladder to vagina Vesicovaginal Fistula
Diffulculty or pain when urinating Dysuria
Abnormal condition of excess puss in kidneys Nephropyosis
Abnormal enlargment of uretas Ureta Ectasis
Abnormally high levels of protein in the urine Hyperproteinuria
Late stages of chronic renal failure or loss of both kidneys End-Stage Renal Disease
Surgical repair of tube from kidneys to bladder Ureteroplasty
Congential abnormality in oenis. Hole is in top rather than middle Epispadious
Freeing of kidney from adhesine Nephrolysis
Kidneys, Urinary, Bladder KUB
Absence of urine formation by the kidneys Anuria
An increased output of urine Diuresis
Scant urine, only a littlr pee Oliguria
Toxic condition in which kidney function is compromised and urea is retained in the blood Uremia
Presence of stones in the kidneys Nephrolithiasis
Urinary problem caused by interference w/ normal pathways associatred w/ urination Neurogenic Bladder
Removal of gull stone thru an incision Nephrolithotomy
Cluster of capilaries surrounded by a cup shaped cone Glomerulas
Filters blood and removes waste products Kidneys
Where urine collects from kidneys Renal Pelvis
Inflamation of the kidney Nephroptosis
Stone in bladder Cystolith
Stone in kidney Nephrolis
Presence of having a stone Nephrolithisis
Enlargment of the urita Uritaectasis
Bleeding from ureta Uretorrahgia
Narrowing of the urethera Urethrostenosis
Urination at night Nocturea
Inability to empty the bladder Urinary Retention
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