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Medical Terminology

Chapter 11: Digestive System

1. an/o anus
2. appendic/o appendix
3. bil/i bile
4. bucc/o cheek
5. celi/o abdomen
6. cheil/o lip
7. col/o colon
8. cyst/o bladder or sac
9. enter/o small intestine
10. gingiv/o gum
11. gloss/o tongue
12. hepat/o liver
13. salivary glands three pairs of exocrine glands in the mouth that secrete saliva; the parotid, the submandibular, and the sublingual glands
14. lower esophageal sphincter (LES) opening from the esophagus to the stomach;also called the cardiac sphincter (sphincter= band)
15. pyloric sphincter opening from the stomach into the duodenum
16. feces waste formed by the absorption of water in the large intestine; usually solid
17. defecation evacuation of feces from the rectum
18. peritoneum membrane surrounding the entire abdominal cavity and consisting of the parietal layer (lining the abdominal wall) and the visceral layer (covering each organ in the abdomen)
19. peritoneal cavity space between the parietal and visceral peritoneum
20. gastr/o combining form for stomach
21. proctoplasty repair of the anus and rectum
22. left lower quadrant left lower quadrant
23. colostomy surgical creation of an opening in the colon through the abdominal wall, allowing stool to bypass a diseased portion of the colon
24. appendectomy surgical excision of the appendix
25. transverse colon portion of the colon that extends across from the ascending cecum
26.descending colon portion of the colon that extends downward from the transverse colon
27. ascending colon portion of the colon that extends upward from the cecum
28. rectum distal (end) portion of the large intestine
29. large intestine larger tubular structure that receives the liquid waste products of digestion, reabsorbs water and minerals, and forms and stores feces for defecation
30. appendix worm-like projection of lymphatic tissue hanging off the cecum; may help to resist infection; also called vermiform appendix (vermi=worm)
Created by: Mutoni
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