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orthro instruments

orthropedic instrument uses/categories

depth gauge/accessory to confirm the depth of the drill hole in bone to determine the length of the screw
bone cement gun/accessory mixes the liquid(monomer) & the powder (polymer) to produce cement
mallet/accessory to impact & extract implants or exert force on osteotomes,chisels,gouges,tamps & other specially designed instruments
crego elevator/cutting & dissecting dissects or separates tissue; retracts tissue
freer elevator/ cutting & dissecting lifts the periosteum from bone/retracts in confined spaces
key elevator/ cutting & dissecting dissects/separates hard tissue
lowman bone clamp/ grasping & holding to hold the fractured bone in alignment while plates/screws are placed
sharp hohmann retractor/ retracting & exposing retracts a large area of tissue, usually close to bone
adson beckman retractor/ retracting & exposing for retraction in procedures involving deep tissue, such as the spine and in proximal femur fractures
bennett retractor/ retracting & exposing retracts tissue during procedures involving large bones
hibbs retractor/ retracting & exposing tissue retractor for either deep or superfical areas
blount-knee retractor/ retracting & exposing retracts tissue at a right angle
cobra retractor/ retracting & exposing retraction of large areas of tissue
israel rake retractor/ retracting & exposing retracts large amounts of tissue that usually does not involve bone
pulsavac/ suctioning & aspirating irrigation & debridement of tissue
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