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BOC studying 6

Human Anatomy

What is inflammation of the common flexor origin of the forearm musculature called? Medial epicondylitis
Where is the olecranon process located? Ulna
Which muscles assist in plantar flexion of the ankle? Posterior tibilais plantaris soleus gastrocnemius
Which muscle does the axillary nerve innervate? Deltoid
Which cranial nerve is injured if the athlete complains of a decrease in the sense of smell after a high velocity head injury? 1
The collateral ligaments of the knee are taut in which of the following Extension and flexion
The rotator cuff consists of what muscles Supraspinatus infraspinatus subscapularis teres minor
The rectus femoris muscle performs what 2 actions? Hip flexion and knee extension
The pas anserinus is made up of the tendons of what 3 muscles? Sartorius, gracilis, semitendinosus
The subscapularis muscle originates on the _ and inserts into the _ Subscapular fossa, lesser tubercle of the humerus
The gluteus maximus is responsible for what motion? Extension and external rotation of the hip
What is the nerve root that affects elbow extension? C7
Holding a vibrating tuning fork next to the athletes ear to determine air conduction of sound is a test for the _ cranial nerve VIII (8)
To test the hypoglossal nerve, the AT should request the patient perform what actions? Stick their tongue out
'Handlebar palsy' which occurs in cyclists, presents with motor weakness of what nerve? Ulnar
Where is the scaphoid bone of the wrist palpated? Just distal to the styloid process of the radius
All of the following muscles are innervated by the ulnar nerve Flexor carpi ulnaris adductor pollicis all the hypothenar muscles
What type of joint is the hip? Diarthrotic
Flexion and extension of the knee joint occurs in the _ plane around a _ axis Sagittal, coronal
Which of the following describes and impacted fracture? A fracture that telescopes on part of the bone on the other
Which of the following joints is classified as a uniaxial diarthrodial joint? The interphalangeal joints of the finger
Muscles that flex the hip Tensor fasciae latae pectineus iliopsoas rectus femoris
Which of the following movements is greatest in the thoracic region? Lateral flexion of the spine
Which structures are located in the lateral compartment of the lower leg? Peroneus longus and brevis muscles, the superficial branch of the peroneal nerve, and the peroneal artery
Where would a Bakers cyst be located? In the popliteal fossa
What joints compose the shoulder girdle? Sternoclavicular Acromioclavicular scapulothoracic
The coracoclavicular ligaments consist of the _ and _ ligaments Coracoacromial, conoid
Which of the following joints is a 'mortise' joint? First metatarsophalangeal
What 2 structures pass through the tunnel of Guyon? The ulnar nerve and ulnar artery
Which muscle is usually affected with tennis elbow Extensor carpi radialis bravis
Intrinsic muscles of the hand The lumbricals muscles of the thenar eminence the interossei
What are the primary actions of the psoas major? Hip flexion and internal rotation
Where is the origin of the vastus lateralis located? The lateral aspect of the femur
What muscle tendons form the borders of the anatomical snuff-box? Flexor pollicis longus abductor pollicis longus extensor pollicis longs
What is the structure that carries deoxygenated blood from the head and upper body to the heart? Superior vena cava
At which structure does gas exchange occur in the lungs The alveoli
All of the following structures pass through the popliteal fossa Tibial nerve popliteal artery popliteal vein common peroneal nerve
Where is the odontoid process located? Off the second cervical certebra
Carpal bones of the wrist Scaphoid lunate triquetrum pisiform hamate capitate trapezoid trapezium
The plantar fascia or plantar aponeurosis is located where in the body? Sole of the foot
The sternocleidomastoid muscle originates on the _ and inserts into the _ Clavicle, mastoid process
What muscles is a strong extensor of the trunk? Erector spinae
Which structures pass through the femoral triangle? Femoral artery, femoral vein, femoral nerve
Which artery is closely involved with the brachial plexus and becomes the brachial artery at the lower border of the tendon of the teres major muscle? Axillary
Which muscles dorsiflex the ankle? Extensor digitorum longus peroneus tertius tibialis anterior
Bones of the middle ear Malleus stapes incus
Where is the C3,4 dermatome located? The superior aspect of the shoulders and posterior neck area
Your athlete comes to the AT facility after injuring his neck and left arm. You suspect involvement of the C5,6 nerve. What actions would be involved with this injury? Elbow flexion shoulder abduction forearm supination shoulder flexion
In what abdominal quadrant is the spleen located? Upper left
A soccer player has been kicked in the upper right quadrant of his abdomen. What internal organs could have sustained a significant injury? Liver, gallbladder
Created by: opaltafe
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