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Jjohns 18 & 19 guide

Chap 18 Nutrition and Chap 19 Respiration

Which of the following provide a source of complete proteins? Have adequate amounts of essential amino acids to maintain human body tissues and promote normal growth and development…milk, meat & eggs
Intrinsic factor regulates the absorption of Vitamin B-12
The fat-soluble vitamins include A, E, D & K
The vitamin that functions as part of coenzyme A. Panothenic Acid or B5
The basic food group that supplies the best source of vitamin C Fruits & Vegetables
Which of the following is an example of a trace element? Iron, Maganese, Copper, Iodine, Cobalt, Zinc, Fluorine, Selenium & Chromium
Vitamins has steroid, hormone-like characteristics and promotes the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the intestine? Vitamin D
Minerals are important in the production of ATP and are involved in its utilization? Phosphorus & Magnesium
The basic food group that supplies the richest source of calcium is Dairy
Vitamins necessary for the production of collagen? Vitamin C
As an energy source, body cells preferentially use Carbohydrates
Kwashiorkor is a condition that may develop in children who have dietary deficiencies of Protein starvation
Night blindness is most likely to be caused by a deficiency of Vitamin A
Factors that affect BMR are Gender, Body size, Body Temperature & Endocrine function
In order to maintain weight Caloric intake equals Caloric output
calcium is taken in excess, overconsumption can be manifested as kidney stones & depositing of calcium in soft tissues
Which of these laryngeal cartilages occurs singly rather than in pairs? Thyroid, Cricoid & Epiglottic
The walls of the alveoli are composed of what type of tissue Flat Simple Squamous Epithelial Cells
What is the force responsible for normal expiration Relaxing or elastic
The amount of air that enters or leaves the lungs during a normal respiratory cycle 500 mL..or..tidal volume
The chemoreceptors in the carotid and aortic bodies are most sensitive to Low oxygen peripheral chemoreceptors
The portion of the respiratory center that is responsible for establishing the basic pattern of breathing Ventral respiratory group…or…rhythmic area
The effects of carbon dioxide and hydrogen ions on the respiratory center are similar because BOTH ARE ACIDIC…their blood concentration rises if someone stops breathing—stimulating chemoreceptors to start
Location of the vocal cords inside the larynx
The respiratory membrane consists of wall of alveoli and wall of capillary (epithelial cells)
Of the respiratory air volumes listed, which one has the largest volume? Inspiratory reserve volume..(know ALL from small to large
Which of the following is a function of the mucus-covered nasal passages? warmth, moisture and to move mucus and trapped particles from nasal cavity to pharynx
Which of the following air volumes cannot be measured using a simple spirometer? Residual volume
The volume of air that enters (or leaves) during a single respiratory cycle is termed tidal volume
The right lung is composed of __3___ lobes
the left lung is composed of __2___ lobes
The first event in inspiration is to increase thoracic cage, atmospheric pressure forces air into airway
The first event in expiration is diaphragm & external intercostal muscles relax then the lungs re-coil
The dorsal respiratory group and the ventral respiratory group are found extending throughout which structure? Medulla oblongata
Created by: jjohns121