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Skin Theory

Functions of the Skin, Composition of the Skin & Skin Diseases and Disorders

Functions of the Skin sensation, secretion, absorption, regulation, protection & excretion
Composition of the Skin epidermis, dermis & subcutaneous
Layers of the Epidermis stratum- corneum, lucidum, granulosum, spinosum, germinativum & adipose
Macules freckle
Papules pimple, zit
Vesicles fever blister
Bulla large blister (from burn)
Pustules large zit
Wheals hives
Tumors nodule, solid mass
Scales shedding of dead cells; psoriasis
Crusts scab
Excoriations scratch
Fissures chapped lips
Scars keloid (not flat; bubbled)
Ulcers open lesion
Callus thickening of the skin (caused by friction)
Verruca wart
Skin Tags elevated growth
Chloasma liver spot (age spot)
Moles raised freckle
Nevus birthmark
Albinism lack of pigment
Vitiligo irregular patches of white skin
Comedones blackheads
Milia whiteheads
Acne chronic inflamation, skin condition; disorder of sebation gland
Rosacea congestion of cheeks & nose (red & inflamed)
Asteatosis dry scaly skin
Seborrhea excesive secretion of sebation gland
Steatoma cyst filled with sebum
Furnuncles boil; bacterial infection
Carbuncles infection of folicle
Bromidrosis foul smelling prespiration
Anhidrosis lack of prespiration
Hyperhidrosis excessive or overproductive prespiration
Miliaria Rubra heat rash
Dermatitis inflamation of the skin
Eczema dry or moist lesion with inflamation
Impetigo crested lesion caused by bacterial infection
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