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10 Weapons
20 Marine Equipment
31 Bearings
40 Ropes, Chains, Cable
42 Fire Fighting Rescue Equipment
48 Valves
51 Hand Tools
52 Measuring Tools
53 Abrasives
55 Lumber
61 Electrical Wiring
62 Lighting Fixtures
65 Medical/Dental
69 Training
75 Office Supplies
79 Cleaning Supplies
80 Paints and Paint brushes
84 Clothing
85 Toiletries
88 Live Animals
91 Fuels,Lubricants
99 Misc.
53 Hardware Abrasives
71 Furniture
39 Material Handling Equipment
67 Photographic
72 Household Appliances
78 Recreation, Athletics
95 Metal Bars, Sheets
Created by: Supply