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Stack #36157

A&P2-ClassNotes P35 Immune Sys. #3/Test 3

LEUKOCYTE-INDUCING FACTORS are released by: injured cells
LEUKOCYTE-INDUCING FACTORS help defense by: Promoting rapid neutrophil release from red bone marrow
LEUKOCYTOSIS is a sign of: inflammation
CHEMOTACTIC AGENTS are Inflammatory Chemicals that: attract WBC's to area
MARGINATION (PAVEMENTING) is whenneutrophils: cling to capillary walls as blood flow slows down
DIAPEDESIS (EMIGRATION) is: neutrophils squeeze thru capillaries walls & into tissue spaces
What follows neutrophils into tissue spaces? monocytes follow neutrophils within hours
Monocytes change from phagocytic slugs into: MACROPHAGES-insatiable consumers
MACROPHAGES have lots of: lysosomes in their cytoplasm
Macrophages replace neutrophils: as primary agents at inflammation site
Macrophages are dominate at: sites of chronic inflammation
PUS may form-it is: dead/dying neutrophils, broken tissue cells & pathogens
INFECTIOUS GRANULOMAS are: tumor-like growths of macrophages housing resistant bacteria
What may be covered by a fibrous capsule? INFECTIOUS GRANULOMAS
4 Types of transplants are: Autografts, Isografts, Allografts, & Xenografts
Autografts are when: self to self
Isografts are when: genetically identical, ie: between twins
Allografts are when: tissue is human to human
Xenografts is when: tissue is between different species
AIDS is when HIV (human immunodeficiency virus): causes destruction of defensive HELPER T-CELLS white blood cells
SCID is A/K/A severe combined immunodeficiency disease
Hypersensitivities refers to: 4 allergies, allergens, anaphylaxis and anaphylactic shock
Sarcoidosis (possibly autoimmune) causes formation of granulomas in body organs; often assoc. w/lungs
Leukocytosis is: increase in WBC's
During leukocytosis # of neutrophils: in blood increase four to five fold within a few hours
Phagocytosis is what type of defense? NON SPECIFIC BODY DEFENSE (NBD)
Phagocytes specialize in the: engulfment of foreign pathogens on a grand scale
Phagocytes have large numbers of: LYSOSOMES in the cytoplasm
RESPIRATORY BLAST is an alternative: method of pathogen destruction
RESPIRATORY BLAST is a form of defense where chemicals from the immune system: stimulate the phagocyte cells to release free radicals to destroy invaders