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Legal, Ethics, HIPAA

Legally responsible liable
The act of leaving without intention of returning abandonment
The legally prescribed time limit in which a lawsuit must be filed statute of limitations
Injurious negligence or incompetence of professionals malpractice
The inherent risk involved in a potentially dangerous situation assumption of risk
The act of making untrue statements about another which damages his/her reputation slander
Professional standard of care of a health care provider with similar training or skill standards of care
Court order requiring an individual to testify in court subpoena
Document stating specific life-prolonging procedures when you can’t communicate Advanced Directive (living will)
Omission of the standards of care negligence
A patient’s right to make their own decisions about their care autonomy
Communication between two parties of information protected by law confidentiality
Reckless disregard, whether negligent or intentional, for the safety of others res ipsa loquitur (gross negligence)
Body of law allowing injured person to obtain monies from the causing person tort law (personal injury)
Serious crime punishable by a minimum of a year in state prison felony
Harm resulting from physical contact battery
Voluntary consent for access, use and disclosure of health information authorization
First, do no harm nonmaleficence
Action that is done for the benefit of others. Always act to benefit the patient. beneficence
Being faithful to the patient's trust and confidences fidelity
Belief system based on moral principles that are embedded in a common morality principlism
Mentally or psychologically able to make medical decisions competent
Divulgence of information by an entity to persons or organizations outside of that entity disclosure
That which tends to injure a person's reputation defamation
The manners and attitude towards patients generally accepted by practitioner mediquette
Careful and sensible prudent
When the healthcare employer is held equally responsible for an employee's negligence respondeat superior
Regulations established by government and applicable to political subdivisions laws
Principle based system that defines the difference between rght and wrong ethics
Telling the truth veracity
One who stands in the place of another when our patients lack capacity to decide surrogate
Laws protecting the physical safety and property of society at large. Penalties (imprisonment or fine) are paid to the governing body which enacted the law. criminal law
Patient is apprehensive about the threat of being harmed assault
Unjustified restraint of a person false imprisonment
Written information that results in defamation of character or loss of reputation libel
Conditions that need to be met for a claim of malpractice. duty breach of duty injury causation
The quality of being impartial and fair justice
A document that gives a person of your choosing the power to make financial and other decisions on your behalf Durable Power of Attorney
Agreement to undergo medical treatment, or care in their language, states all risks, states all benefits, all alternatives. Agreement must be voluntary. Informed consent
Mandates standards for the exchange of health information; who can look at and receive healthcare data HIPAA Health Insurance Privacy Accountability Act
Information that can be linked to a particular person originating from a health care service event PHI Protected Health Information
A Healthcare Plan or Healthcare provider who transmits any information in electronic form Covered entity
Document describing federal regulations regarding the patient’s rights over their own health information NPP Notice of Privacy Practices
A pattern of agreements that extends protection of health care data that requires each covered entity that shares information with any other entity satisfy the same requirements chain of trust
Health Information Management HIM
Standard claim form used for payment of medical services and/or goods HCFA 1500
Any set of codes and their descriptions used to encode data elements such as medical terms, medical diagnostic codes, medical procedures code sets
International classification of diseases ICDA
Apprehension of physical harm assault
Agency provides guidelines to help ensure the safety of workers OSHA
Act relieves the medical profession from liability when rendering care at the scene of an emergency Good Samaritan Act
Act provides rules and regulations for admitting a person into a mental health unit Baker Act
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