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Healthcare Providers

Providers and Settings

The system of government subsidies for health care for the elderly and disabled Medicare
The organizational statement that summarizes its intent to provide services as outlined by the services it offers, the intended recipients of those services, and a description of the level of cost Mission Statement
The opportunity or right to receive health care access
Health care program serving active duty service, National Guard, and Reserve members Tricare
Healthcare system providing hospital and long term care services to retired veterans Veteran's Administration
The long-term effects, expected and unexpected, on the patient’s condition outcome
A combination of parts or objects that work together well integration
Without adequate protection vulnerable
Medical care for injured employees in exchange for the right to sue the employer for negligence Worker's Compensation
An obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions accountability
The skillful and effective interaction of movements coordination
Group authorized by law to operate a hospital board of directors
Individual that interacts with the medical staff to ensure coordination and quality of patient care CEO-Chief Executive Officer
Physician who has responsibility for the medical control and direction providing guidance, leadership, oversight and quality assurance Medical Director
Accreditation and certification organization recognized nationwide as a symbol of quality for a healthcare Joint Commission-JCAHO
Outpatient delivery of healthcare services Ambulatory Care
Joint federal and state program which pays for medical care for those who can't afford it Medicaid
Sudden onset of an illness or injury with expected recovery acute
Long term illness with the need for treatment and care to prevent complications Chronic
End stage of disease or multiple injuries with low chance for recovery Terminal
A group of health care providers or agencies that provide services and resources to meet the healthcare needs of the people Healthcare Delivery System
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