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Ob and Neo Ch 9

obstetric surgical terms and complementary terms

incision into the amnion amniotomy
incision of the vulva, sometimes performed during delivery episiotomy (perineotomy)
pertaining to the pelvis, process of recording sound pelvic sonography
surgical puncture ot aspirate amniotic fluid amniocentesis
instrument used for visual examination of amniotic fluid amnioscope
visual examination of amniotic fluid amnioscopy
pertaining to the amnion and chrion aminochorial
discharge of amniotic fluid amniorrhea
rupture of the amnion amniorrhexis
before childbirth antepartum
producing an embryo embryogenic
resembling an embryo embryoid
pertaining to the fetus fetal
pregnant gravida
pertaining to pregnancy and childbirth gravidopuerperal
within labor and childbirth intrapatum
pertaining to milk lactic
producing milk lactogenic
discharge of milk lactorrhea
many pregnancies multigravida
many births multipara
pertaining to birth natal
new birth neonate
physician who studies and treats disorders of the newborn neonatologist
study of the newborn neonatology
no pregnancies nulligravida
no births nullipara
birth para
pertaining to after birth postnatal
after childbrith postpartum
pretaining to befroe birth prenatal
first pregnancy primigravida
first birth primipar
false pregnancy pseudocyesis
childbirth puerpera
pertaining to childbirth puerperal
any agent producing malformation teratogen
producing malformations teratogenic
study of malformations teratology
parturition (act of giving birth) in which the buttocks, feet, or knes emerge first breech presentation
parturition in which any part of the head emerges first cephalic presentation
the birth of a baby through an incision in the mothers abdomen and urterus cesarean section (CS, C-section) caesarean
thin, milky fluid secreted by the breast during pregrancy and during the first days after birth congenital anomaly
method of fertilizing human ova outside the body in vitro fertilization (IVF)
the secretion of milk lactation
baginal dischage after childbirth lochia
first stool of the newborn meconium
an individual who practices midwifery midwife
the practice of assisting in childbirth midwifery
physician who specializes in obstetris obstetrician
medical speciality dealing with pregancy childbrith, and puerperium obstetrics (OB)
infant born before completing 37 weeks of gestation premature infant (preterm infant)
the first feeling of movement of the fetus in utero by pregnant woman quickening
born dead stillborn
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