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MOT 135

Repro Lecture/Lab Exam

When meiosis takes place in the ovaries, this process is called what? Oogenesis
When meiosis takes place in the testes, this process is called what? Spermatogenesis
What cell division process produces gametes? Meiosis
What is anohter name for sperm and egg. Gametes
T/F: Viable sperm require a higher temperature than 98.6. False
T/F: A fertilized egg is called a zygote. True
Diploid is how many chromosomes? 46
Haploid is how many chromosomes 23
This begins at puberty and continues throughout life. Spermatogenesis
This requires the hormones FSH and testosterone Spermatogenesis
FSH and Estrogen are two hormones required for a follicle to do what? Mature
This is a cyclical process. Oogenesis
T/F: Spermatogenesis begins at puberty and ends at menopause. False
T/F: Spermatogenesis is a continuous process. True
T/F: During spermatogenesis only one functional cell is produced. False
T/F: During oogenesis, four functional cells are produced. False
Where is testosterone produced? Within each testis.
__________ provides motility of the sperm. Flagellum
This portion of the sperm contains 23 chromosomes. The Head
What portion of the sperm contains mitochondria that produces ATP. The middle piece
The acrosome contains what? enzymes that digest the membrane of the egg.
Which part of the testis dos the sperm complete maturation and the flagella become functional? The Epididymis
What hormone is required for the sperm to be able to mature? Testosterone
___________ is the condition in which the testes do not descent into the scrotum. Cryptorchidism
Give another name for Vas Deferens Ductus Deferens
The Vas Deferens extends through an opening in the abdominal wall, what is this opening called. Inguinal canal
The chemical that is used as an energy source in the secretion of the seminal vesicles is called what? Fructose
The 20 ft long tube in the testes that is the site where sperm completes their maturing process is called what? Epididymis
What part of the sperm contains the 23 chromosomes? The head
What type of environment, which is provided by the prostate gland, is necessary to maintain sperm motility? Alkaline
Provide another name for the Bulbourethral gland. Cowpers
Semen consists of what? Sperm (Solid), Secretions (fluid)
Name the organs where secretions are made that make up sperm. Seminal Vesicles, Prostate Gland, Bulbourethral Gland.
List the structures that make up the femal reproductive system? Ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina, external genitalia
Within the ovaries, there are several hundred thousand ________ that are present at birth. Primary follicles
Name the fringe-like projections on the end of the fallopian tubes. Fimbriae
When meiosis takes place in the testes, we call this what? Spermatogenesis
When meiosis takes place in the ovaries, we cll this what? OOgenesis
Name the term that represents 46 chromosomes. Diploid
Name the term that represents 23 chromosomes. Haploid
What are sperm generating cells called? Spermatogonia
A fertilized egg with 46 chromosomes is called what? Zygote
A solid sphere of cells after they have dived from a single zygote is called what? Morula
What is the embryonic membrane that is formed from the fetal portion of the placenta? Chorion
The chorion is made from what? Trophoblast
The period of embryonic growth ends at how many weeks? 8
The period of fetal growth begins at how many weeks? 9
The period of fetal growht ends at how many weeks? 40
What is the fluid htat surrounds the embryo/fetus and serves as a cushion? Amniotic fluid
What is the final metabolic change that happens to the sperm in the fallopian tube? Capacitation
What hormone induces the production of milk? Prolactin
What hormone causes the release of milk? Oxytocin
What gland is involved in the produciton of milk? Lactiferous
What kind of tissue surrounds the glandular tissue in the breast? Adipose
The uterine lining consists of how many layers? Two
The umbilicle cord consists of how many vessels? Three
Name the vessels found in the umbilicle cord? Arteries and vein
In reference to the umbilicle cord, arteries carry blood from where to where? Fetus to placenta
In reference to the umbilicle cord, the vein carries blood from where to where? Placenta to fetus
A zygote is made up of how many Chromosomes? 23
How many pairs of sex chromosomes are found in a zygote? 1
How many pairs of non-sex chromosomes are found in a zygote? 22
What are the non-sex chromosomes found in a zygote called? Autosomes
During ________ phase of the menstrual cycle follicle rupture? Luteal
When the follice ruptures during menses it becomes what? Corpus Luteum
Where does fertilization occur? Fallopian Tubes
What are the functions of the vagina? Birth canal, receive sperm, and exit for menstrual flow
Name the layers of the uterine lining. Basilar & Functional
Which layer of the uterine lining is the permanent layer. Basilar
What do you call the layer of the uterus that is shed every month during menses? Functional
Name the sections of the uterus from top to bottom. Fundus, Body, Cervix
Name the layers of the uterus from the inside to the outside Endometrium, Myometrium, Epimetrium
The _________ is the innermost layer of the uterus. Endometrium
The ___________ is the outermost layer of the uterus. Epimetrium
What is the first hormone secreted by the placenta that is the basis for pregnancy test. hCG
What are the process that are responsible for exchange of materials in the placenta? Active transport & Defusion
A function of the placenta is _______________. Produce hormones to maintain pregnancy.
To be the site of exchange is a function of the placenta. What is exchanged and where is it exchanged between? Materials in the blood of the mother and fetus
Parturition means what? Birth
What is the sequence of events leading up to delivery called? Labor
What is the term for everything after birth? Post partum
What stimulates the brain to inflate the lungs after a baby is born? C02
Within the cell, the hereditary material is contained in the ______ and it is called ________? Nucleus, DNA
The ___________ chromosome comes from the mother. Maternal
The ____________ chromosome comes from the father. Paternal
When doing a Punnett square, how do you designate the sex chromosome for a male? XY
When doing a Punnett square, how do you designate the sex chromosome for a female? XX
This characteristic will be expressed only if two genes for it are present in the homologus pair of chromosomes. Recessive Alleles
This characteristic will be expressed even if only one gene for it is present in the homologous pair of chromomsomes. Dominant Alleles
Homozygous pairs have what? two similar alleles for a trait.
Heterozygous pairs have what? two different alleles for a trait.
What are Alleles? One of two or more different genes for a particular characteristic.
Phenotype represents what? The appearance of the individual as related to genotype. It is what you actually see.
Genotype represents what? The genetic makeup of an individual. You may or may not actually see this.
Sex-linked traits are also called _________ traits, because the genes for them are located only on the _________ chromosome. x-linked, x
If a man is suspected of having prostate cancer, what test is run? PSA
In the USA, ______ diseases are the most transmitted. Sex
This intrauterine tumorous growth results from a pathogenic ovum and is a developmental anomally of conception when chorionic villi develop into a grape-like vesicle. Hydatidiform Mole
___________ is a non-cancerous fibroid tumor. Leiomyoma
__________ is a cancer of the mammary ducts. Pagets Disease
This disease is represented by dimpled skin that resembles the skin of an orange. Peau D'Orange
__________ is a pregnancy induced, life threatening disorder which can lead to preeclampsia. Hypertension
The absence of menstrual periods is called? Amenorrhea
___________ is one of the most frequently reported infectious diseases in the US which causes urethritis in men and urethritis and cericitis in women. Chlamydia
__________ is an infection of the genitourinary tract. Gonorrhea
___________ consists of a chronic, systemic, sexually transmitted infection that occurs in four stages. Syphilis
__________ is a protozoal infection of the lower genitourinary tract. Trichomoniasis
___________ is a genital infection that causes raised cauliflower-like growths in or near the vagina or rectum or along the penis. It is also known as genital warts. Condylomata acuminata
__________ is inflammation of the testes Orchitis
_________ refers to recurrent, painful or difficult sexual intercourse. Dyspareunia
___ is a condtion in which endometrial tissue implants outside the uterus in the pelvic cavity or in the abdominal wall. Endometriosis
___________ is a condtion in which the placenta, that is implanted int he lower uterine segment, encroaches on the internal cervical os and causes bleeding. Placenta previa
Premature detachment of a normally positioned placenta during pregnancy is called? Abruptio placentae
When the vein of one testicle becomes abnormally distended, causing swelling around the testicle, which expands within the scrotal sac is called? Varicocele
___________ a downward displacement and protrusion of the urinary bladder into the anterior wall of the vagina. Cystocele
___________ is a unilateral pain occuring in the region of an ovary during ovulation. Mittleschmerz
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