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SAT vocab, pg 1 of 6

for SAT Prep class at Guilford College.

abounding plentiful
abrogate to nullify, abolish
abstemious sparing, moderate, abstinent
abstruse hard to understand
acetic tasting sour, vinegary
acrimony sharpness, harshness or bitterness of nature, speech, or disposition
acumen superior mental acuteness, keen insight
adamant unyielding, harsh, stubborn
adulation servile flattery; excessive devotion
affinity having a natural attraction to
altruism selfless concern for others
amenable tractable, agreeable
anachronistic set in the wrong time; misdated
analogous similar, parallel, corresponding
anathema a curse; a thing accursed
annul to do away with; to deprive of legal force; to nullify
anodyne pain reliever
antipathy aversion; basic or habitual repugnance
apiary a bee house containing a number of hives
aplomb great poise; imperturbable self-possession
ascetic 1. austere; rigorously abstinent2. one who practices extreme self-denial
assiduity diligence, industry
assuage appease, satisfy, mollify
asteroid any of the small planets found between Mars and Jupiter
attentuate weaken, make slender, reduce in force
autocrat domineering person, one who exercises complete power
avarice greed, inordinate desire to gain and hoard wealth
azure sky-blue, the blue of a clear, unclouded sky
banal hackneyed, trite, commonplace, insipid, inane
belated tardy, late
bellicose pugnacious, ready to fight
benevolent kind-hearted, benign, charitable
bisect to cut in two, to divide
boorish rude, crude, oafish, rustic, unmannerly
bovine 1. stolid, dull, ox-like2. a cow or ox
breadth the scope or width of something, extent
bucolic pastoral, idyllically rural
bumptious offensively aggressive
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